HULK Finally Beaten in The Most Horrifying Way Possible

The Immortal HULK has finally been defeated in Marvel's comics, but the solution is too dark and disgusting for any Avengers movie.

Warning: SPOILERS for Immortal Hulk #7

The Hulk is stronger than any other Marvel hero, which is why the Avengers just had to effectively kill him in the comics. As for his immortal ability to return from the dead... we guarantee the solution to THAT problem is more twisted and disgusting than any Marvel fan will expect.

While every fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe already knows that Hulk is the strongest Avenger, his immortality is actually a new twist in the current comics. A gift of his recent death and resurrection, Bruce Banner is now more divided than ever. Wandering across America in secret, Bruce can't stop getting himself killed every other day. But when the sun goes down, it's the Hulk who returns to life, out for vengeance.

At least, he used to. That zombie-ish ability has been solved behind the Avengers' back, since - SPOILERS - you can't become the resurrected Hulk... if your head, organs, and limbs have all been removed and stored in separate glass jars. We hope you Hulk fans are sitting down.

The Avengers Wage a Massive Battle Against Hulk

For those who might have missed the beginning of this new, horror-inspired chapter in the Hulk's life, you're bound to be as shocked as the other Avengers to learn Bruce Banner isn't just alive and kicking, but failing to control his Hulk side, leading to dozens of Hulk-sightings and carnage across the Midwest. As far as the heroes know Bruce Banner and Hulk have been dead since Hawkeye promised to kill Banner if he risked Hulking out. So when the Avengers came to meet him at the end of the last issue, they were more than a little angry.

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Immortal Hulk #7 shows their attempts to bring Hulk in for government testing obviously went terribly, picking up with the heroes fighting a stronger Hulk than they've ever faced. Cracking Thor's skull, overloading Black Panther's suit, and almost killing Iron Man in his Hulkbuster armor convinced them to launch their last resort: a new weapon dubbed "Helios," which Tony fires from high altitude once the entire area has been evacuated. And the results are... well, it was a last resort for a reason.

The First Step: The Helios Laser Roasts Hulk

In the defense of the Avengers, Hulk was acting about as malevolent and evil as he could be as they tried to subdue and reason with him. There's more going on in Bruce Banner's psyche besides this new cycle of dying by day, and resurrecting as an enraged Hulk by night (there usually is). His unstoppable spree leaves the Avengers have no choice but to fire a high-altitude laser that wipes the town of Georgeville, Iowa off the map as effectively as a nuclear bomb - and the similarities don't stop there.

As Tony Stark explains, the laser itself is bathed in ultraviolet light, meaning it didn't just burn Hulk's body down to a smoky husk of the human beneath his green skin - it used a beam of solid daylight to overpower his force of resurrection. The question now becomes: how do they secure Banner's corpse before the immortal Hulk can rise again the next night.

Readers are warned that the answer includes some GRAPHIC SPOILERS, so prepare yourselves...

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