Watch Hulk Save Brazil in Weird Car Commercial

Before leaving Earth for Sakaar, Hulk apparently did some serious smashing in Brazil, as depicted in a new commercial. The promo has no links to either Thor: Ragnarok or Avengers: Infinity War, but just shows the Green Goliath doing what he does best and being destructive whilst saving the "puny humans".

Whilst we wait for the Hulk vs. Thor match in Ragnarok, and his future MCU appearances, it's a sad fact that we'll probably never see a standalone Hulk movie in the MCU, at least with the Mark Ruffalo version of Bruce Banner. Although we've had Eric Bana in Ang Lee's Hulk and Ed Norton in The Incredible Hulk, the opportunity for the current version of the character to have his own movie has not arisen in the currently-packed schedule for Marvel Studios. However, whilst the future is never certain, we do have a sort-of solo Hulk adventure, with this new madcap piece of promotional work.

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The 1-minute advert (which can be seen in its entirety above) comes from the French carmaker Renault, who partnered up with Marvel Studios to produce it. It was shot by the visual effects studio Framestore and was made for distribution for the Brazilian market. It shows an average guy driving around the metropolis of Sao Paulo, unaware of a crashing satellite heading towards his destination. Luckily Hulk is on hand and bounces around the landmarks, shadowing the car before busting a huge punch into the speeding satellite and destroying it. Unfortunately, it does revert to the old it-was-all-a-dream ending, which kind of disappoints even in a car commercial.

It's not the first time that Hulk has "sold out" and become involved in adverts. He appeared in a fun Superbowl ad for Coca-Cola in 2016, where he matched wits with Ant-Man for the soda. He also appeared in a 2014 advert for Nike sportswear, where he showed his prowess on the soccer pitch. In all of these, the special effects for the character has been of cinematic quality, and that's also the case here. Although some shots seem very close to those in the battle for New York in The Avengers, it's still recognizably the Ruffalo version and the visuals are pretty good.

It's an undeniably odd way to see the Hulk in action before his next big screen appearance, but it's a neat and good-looking advert which cleverly teases seeing the character in action again, even if it was never intended for the U.S. market. Hopefully, any endorsements in Ragnarok will be more subtle.

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