Hugh Jackman On 'The Wolverine,' 'X-Men: First Class' & 'X-Men 4'

Hugh Jackman is The Wolverine

Considering its somewhat humble budgetary beginnings, the X-Men film series has easily become one of the most successful superhero franchises of all time, with two successful sequels, two spin-offs, and a sequel to one of those spinoffs on the way.

Recently, while discussing his upcoming robot-boxing film, Real Steel, Hugh Jackman went into great detail about all things X-Men – including The Wolverine, X-Men: First Class, X-Men: First Class 2, and X-Men 4. Check it out below.

On why Darren Aronofsky jumped ship on The Wolverine, courtesy of IndieWire:

“His personal life precluded him from making the movie. I asked him to do ‘X-Men 3,’ I asked him to do ‘Wolverine’ 1 and he said, ‘It’s not so much for me.’ And then he read this and said, ‘Man, I’m in. This is the best comic movie script I’ve ever read’ and he’s been dying to do one for a long time.”

On director Mark Bomback rewriting The Wolverine, to some degree:

“When a director takes over any script, they need to make it their movie. So Jim hired Mark to help him make the movie his own. Darren had worked on the script himself and taken it in a certain direction that was right for him. And that would have been a great version of the movie. I’ve seen Jim’s version now and, you know, Jim saw things that weren’t working for him that were working for Darren. And I’ve got to hand it to Fox and to Jim, it’s easy when you start with the best script we’ve had from Chris McQuarrie. Which is why Darren signed on. So once you have that, that’s 80, 85 percent of your movie.”

Frank Miller and Chris Claremont's Wolverine

On The Wolverine being based on Frank Miller and Chris Claremont’s miniseries about the character in Japan:

“It’s a little darker [than that story] and, I think, a little more true to the character. If you read all of [the Japanese saga] there is a lot of it that is a little disparate and some of it’s got X-Men in it. There’s a wedding and all that. So we take license with that.”

On the f-bombing X-Men: First Class cameo:

“They asked me to do that cameo a year before I did it and I said, ‘All right, pitch me the concept.’ They did and I liked it. I said, ‘Is anyone else swearing in the movie?’ and they said, ‘We don’t think so.’ I said, ‘Promise me no one else swears in the movie and I’m in.’ 50 percent of Wolverine’s dialogue should be ‘****.’ That feels right for me. And actually that particular take was an ad-lib I did at the end. There was more secrecy to shooting that than I have ever known. I actually checked into the hotel and they had no reservation under Jackman. I was under some comic book name I had never even heard of.”

On whether or not he’d return in a similar capacity for an X-Men: First Class sequel:

“If they come up with as good of an idea as last time. Yeah, I could see it.”

The Cast of X-Men 2

On whether or not he’d return for an X-Men 4:

“I don’t see it. I can only see one movie ahead. I’m pretty sure I’m well into the second half of this match. I don’t know exactly when the end is, but I only go one at a time. If this is the last one, fingers crossed, man, I just hope we finally get that hole in one.”

Aww, shucks, X-Men film fans! This goes vaguely against what producer Lauren Shuler-Donner said earlier this year about X-Men 4 and 5 being in active development, although it’s certainly possible to make those films sans Wolverine – and it’s just as possible that Hugh Jackman could change his mind if (when?) Fox drives a dump-truck full of money up to his house.

Also, it's interesting that Hugh Jackman is hoping that he and the people behind The Wolverine will "finally get a hole in one" with that project. The implication therein being that Jackman doesn't feel they've gotten a hole in one yet?

What do you guys think? Are you bummed to hear Jackman isn’t up for X-Men 4, or is The Wolverine more than enough for you? Let us know in the comments.


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The Wolverine is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2013. Real Steel hits theaters October 7th, 2011.

Source: IndieWire

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