Hugh Jackman Suggests Bollywood Star For Next Wolverine

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When X-Men was originally being filmed, the actor cast as Wolverine was Dougray Scott, who had to quit the film due to scheduling conflicts with Mission Impossible II. While many big names were considered for taking over the role, it ended up going to Hugh Jackman, who due to his career mostly being in Australian theater and television, was not very known in America. The role turned Jackman into a huge international star, and for the last 17 years he has continued playing the part in every movie in the series.

Now, after nine films and 17 years, Jackman has finished with Wolverine. His final appearance is in Logan, currently in theaters. He's spoken a lot about saying goodbye to the character, including his feelings about seeing another actor cast as Wolverine - the role he has played for so long. So the time is coming for new names to be tossed around as to who should be the next actor to take on the adamantium claws. As Jackman himself has pointed out, there is an abundance of comic book source material to use when continuing to make movies about Wolverine and his fellow X-Men.

When talking to journalist Rajeev Masand on Now Showing, Jackman suggested a possible name for the next Wolverine. It was a quick mention, but certainly an interesting one. Jackman thinks that Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan could be the next Wolverine.

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It's an interesting suggestion. Khan has nearly a hundred film and television credits in India - where he is known as the King of Bollywood - but is not as well known in the United States. Taking on a role like Wolverine could do the same thing for him that it did for Jackman, turning him into an international superstar.

Khan is actually three years older than Jackman, though, meaning that if he did start playing the role, it probably would not be the story of a younger Wolverine. Instead, it might continue some of the stories being told in Logan about what it is like to be an aging hero who has been through so much.

That said, it remains to be seen when - or, if - another actor is cast as Wolverine in Fox's X-Men franchise. But, no doubt that dozens of famous names will be suggested if the character does return within the universe. By fans, by actors who are interested in playing the role, by the people making the film. But no one knows better than Jackman what is required to play Wolverine. So when he brings up a name like Khan's, it's probably a good suggestion.

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Source: Now Showing

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