Hugh Jackman Jokes About Wolverine Movie Musical

Hugh Jackman may have seemingly hung up his claws after 17 years of playing Logan, but would he ever return to the role for Wolverine: The Musical?

With showstopping parts in movies like The Prestige and musical numbers like Les Misérables and The Greatest Showman, you can certainly see how the 49-year-old might be the perfect man to help the clawed Canadian tread the boards. However, how would it work, what would the storyline be, and would there be a sequel for X-23? Don't worry, someone has genuinely thought this through.

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While promoting The Greatest Showman to Yahoo! Entertainment, Jackman was quizzed over what it would take to lure him back to the X-Men franchise, and was asked if he would play Wolverine again given the chance to burst into song:

“No more Wolverine, I can tell you right now."

It never seemed very Logan to spontaneously belt out a verse or two while tapdancing round Xavier's mansion. That being said, Jackman couldn't help but imagine a world where Wolverine: The Musical was a Broadway spectacular:

“It would be in the Blues Brothers world. Think chicken wire and people throwing beer bottles and him slicing them in half. I don’t see kick lines!”

Being honest, no one is ever going to stop asking Jackman if he will reprise arguably his biggest role. Ideas like Wolverine: The Musical are probably only the tip of the iceberg. What's next, Hugh Jackman for Wolverine: The Cereal, Hugh Jackman in personalised Wolverine voicemail messages? First playing the role (as a much scrawnier) Logan in Bryan Singer's X-Men in 2000, Jackman has gone on to be one of the best-cast superhero actors ever, which makes the job of recasting Wolverine that much harder.

Since hanging up that black and yellow spandex (that he never got to wear) after James Mangold's Logan earlier this year, the Aussie actor has been asked by pretty much every news outlet in the world what would make him play James Howlett again. Jackman has already given his blessing to a new MCU Wolverine, and with Disney's recent acquisition of Fox's X-Men, it seems that even the lure of the House of Mouse isn't enough for Hugh to pop out a pair of adamantium claws for another movie.

Ironically, BBC Radio 1 tried its own Wolverine: The Musical in 2014 - changing the lyrics of "Who Am I?" from Les Mis to fit the lycra-clad cigar-chewer. This sounds about as close as we are ever going to get to a musical mutant. Still, if 2010 managed to bring fans Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, never say never to a X-Men musical somewhere down the line. Even if Jackman himself isn't interested, we're sure any other up-and-coming actor would love to see their name in lights and blasting out a chorus of "Don't Cry For Me, Charles Xavier."

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Source: Yahoo! Entertainment

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