20Jackman wasn’t the first choice for Wolverine (or even second…)

Hugh Jackman in Logan

Hard that it is to imagine anyone other than Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine – it’ll happen one-day folks – the star very nearly didn’t get the part in Brian Singer’s X-Men. Worse still, he wasn’t actually offered the life-changing part until Russell Crowe had turned it down and suggested him.

As much as it made sense for Crowe to recommend the part to an actor who shared Australasian roots, Jackman wasn’t Singer’s second choice either.

Up until three weeks into the film’s production, Dougray Scott was set to play Wolverine. Scott eventually pulled out when the shooting of Mission Impossible II ran too far over the schedule to allow him to move over to X-Men. Jackman was cast and history was made.

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