Hugh Jackman Talks Wolverine 2 & Sequels

Hugh Jackman, the man made famous for bringing one of the most popular superheroes to life in the X-Men movies, sat down to talk with Katie Couric at CBS News where they spoke about the character of Wolverine and the movies.

Funny enough, the interview started with Couric kindly dropping the bomb that she's not exactly a fan which set off a bunch of laughs before they continued to touch on the future of the character and movies.

Hugh reveals that he's not in it for the money, he doesn't need that. He's there because he loves Wolverine, he loves playing the character, and its a ton of fun for him. Check out the interview after the jump.

As the video plays beside Jackman and Couric in the background, Hugh laughingly questions how she couldn't like it (the scenes shown were of him busting out of the Weapon X facility naked.)

"Why would you miss out on it?" he argued. "A little bit of nudity, I get all of my rage issues out... any rage issues I have are gone! Yeah, you do have fun. I wouldn't make them otherwise."

Here's the video interview courtesy of CBS:

"The whole time from when I began, the one story line that I went and said, 'That's a movie!' while I was reading the comic books, was this whole saga in Japan... It's really beautiful, different and fantastic. I thought, 'That's a movie.' Now, we've done four movies and we haven't done it yet, so I'm working on that script now. If that comes up to being what I thought it might be, I'll do that."

"I always say, 'oh, I'm never doing another one,' until I see the script. It has to be something. But in the superhero world, those kind of movies, 'Wolverine' is by far the most interesting... So I'll do eleven more and that's it!"

Eleven more? That would be a burden on his body but with possible cameos in the growing number of X-Men spin-off movies and a potential X-Men 4, not to mention the likelihood of more than one Wolverine sequel, we will see a lot more of Wolverine in the future.

I'm a fan of Hugh Jackman and I love his passion. It's unfortunate that they've not done better with his character in his solo spin-off but that's not stopping me from wanting to see Wolverine's adventures in Japan, a movie they're currently promising "will stay very close to the source material."

Are you excited for more Wolverine down the road and what would you like to see from the character and future X-Men movies?

Wolverine 2 is currently in development and we'll let you know more as we hear it.

Source: CBS

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