Ryan Reynolds Calls Hugh Jackman Selfish For Not Returning As Wolverine

Once Upon A Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has playfully jabbed 'selfish’ Hugh Jackman for holding out on a Deadpool/Wolverine team-up. Reynolds and Jackman previously worked together on X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which is considered by many to be the nadir of the franchise. The movie started life as a darker, character-focused spinoff, but the studio insisted on jamming more mutants into the plot to set up other potential solo movies.

This includes Taylor Kitsch’s Gambit and Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool. Origins’ take on Deadpool remains infamous to this day, with the character’s mouth being sewn shut and given a strange assortment of powers. Prior to Origins, Reynolds had actually been trying to launch a Deadpool movie but wasn’t having much luck. He was told if he didn’t agree to cameo in Origins another actor would be cast instead, so he took the movie in hopes it would lead to a Deadpool spinoff.

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Following the critical dubbing of both the movie and the character’s depiction, a Deadpool movie took years to come together. Thankfully Reynolds never gave up and both Deadpool movies have been massive hits. The actor has also tried to tempt Hugh Jackman into reprising Wolverine for a team-up between the two characters, but Jackman retired from the role following 2017’s Logan. Following more comments from Jackman reiterating his retirement, Reynolds took to his Twitter account to jab his co-star.

While fans would love to see at least a cameo from Jackman’s Wolverine in a Deadpool movie, the actor has been firm that Logan is his last time playing the part. It’s hard to fault his logic since the movie attracted great reviews and wrapped up the Wolverine saga in a very satisfying way. It’s the perfect note to bow out on, so Jackman’s reluctance is understandable.

That said, Reynolds is unlikely to give up his public campaign to get Jackman in a Deadpool movie, so hopefully, the Wolverine star will soften his stance in the future. In the meantime, Once Upon A Deadpool hits cinemas next month, and is a PG-13 re-edit of Deadpool 2. The movie has a new framing device where Deadpool kidnaps actor Fred Savage and recounts the story to him, which is a homage to Savage’s role in 1987’s The Princess Bride.

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