Hugh Jackman Congratulates Ryan Reynolds On Walk Of Fame Honor

Wolverine and Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds has had a 2016 to remember. Most of this notoriety comes courtesy of his starring role in Deadpool, a relatively small budget adaptation of the popular Marvel comic series that did big numbers at the box office. In the wake of the film's critical acclaim and record-breaking commercial figures, Reynolds was named Entertainer of the Year by EW and nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture in the Musical or Comedy category at this year's Golden Globes. Those are quite the accomplishments, and now Reynolds can add another accolade to his résumé.

The actor will be among the list of honorees for 2017's Hollywood Walk Of Fame ceremony on December 15th. His pal and fellow Marvel alum Hugh Jackman couldn't miss the opportunity to honor him in his own, special way. Taking to Twitter, Jackman posted a special video message of himself wearing a Ryan Reynolds mask and doing a less-than-stellar impression of the Deadpool star.

The mask Jackman wears is no doubt an allusion to the scene in Deadpool where Reynold's character, afraid to show his own disfigured face, staples a mask of Jackman's to his own. It's just one of the film's many self-aware references to it's place in the world of Marvel cinema. In the video Jackman makes sure to mention Reynold's turn as Green Lantern in 2011's oft-maligned film of the same name. He also mentions Reynold's previous honor (or in this case, honour) of being named to Canada's Walk of Fame years earlier, joining the prestigious ranks of famous Canadians such as William Shatner, Leslie Neilson and Tommy Chong.

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