10 Hugh Jackman Roles You Forgot About

Acclaimed actor Hugh Jackman is known for playing Wolverine. He has many other equally great roles, including in Pan and Rise of the Guardians.

Hugh Jackman is one of the most versatile actors working today. Obviously, Jackman will forever be remembered for his iconic role as Wolverine in the X-Men franchise, which he played a record-breaking eight times on film. However, Jackman is also known as being an amazing song and dance man which he has displayed in films like Les Misérables and The Greatest Showman. Along with amazing turns in dramas like The Prestige and Prisoners, Jackman has an impressive resume to date.

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While Jackman has plenty of big roles under his belt, there are some that may have gone unnoticed by audiences. Whether the films were more indie projects, Jackman's role was smaller, or they were simply forgettable, here are some of Hugh Jackman's roles that you might have forgotten about.

10 Eddie The Eagle

Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman in Eddie the Eagle

Before Taron Egerton and director Dexter Fletcher teamed for the acclaimed Elton John biopic, Rocketman, they made another charming biopic about an unlikely athlete. Eddie the Eagle tells the true story of Eddie Edwards, a young British ski jumper whose underdog story became famous during the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Jackman plays Bronson Peary, a fictionalized character who serves as Eddie's trainer. Jackman gets to use his endless charm and gruff nature to great effect as the washed-up skier who is given a new purpose thanks to this tenacious young man. It's a simple and sweet little film worth seeking out.

9 Pan

The story of Peter Pan has been told countless times on the big screen. This 2015 take on the classic story tried to do something a bit different by exploring the origins of Peter Pan, who he came to find Neverland and his relationship with Hook. The film also introduced a new villain character, the fearsome pirate Blackbeard played by Jackman.

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Despite the new version of the familiar tale, the film ended up bombing critically and financially, putting an end to any dreams of a Peter Pan franchise. Still, Jackman seems to be having fun with his over-the-top bad guy, chewing up all the scenery and bringing some much-needed life into the film.

8 Chappie

Hugh Jackman as Vincent Moore in 'Chappie'

Neill Blomkamp burst onto the Hollywood scene with his Oscar-nominated sci-fi movie District 9. That visionary work heralded Blomkamp as an exciting new talent, however, his subsequent follow-ups have been somewhat disappointing. The biggest letdown was his 2015 misfire, Chappie.

The film tells the story of a combat robot who, after being damaged in a raid, is reprogrammed by gangsters to be their naive partner in crime. The odd and messy film wastes a great cast including Jackman in another villain role. As a crazy, religious weapon designer, Jackman sports a mullet and commits to the insanity of the movie.

7 Night At The Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Hugh Jackman in Night at the Museum 3

Night at the Museum seemed like a pretty standard family fantasy movie, but its success turned it into a surprise franchise. The trilogy of films starred Ben Stiller as a nighttime museum guard who had to deal with the exhibits coming to life each night.

The films were packed with famous faces and Jackman made a small cameo in the third and final installment, playing himself. When Sir Lancelot is brought to life in the museum, he escapes and stumbles on a play in which Jackman is playing King Arthur. It's a small moment that allows Jackman to be a bit silly which we don't get to see enough.

6 Movie 43

movie 43 hugh jackman 10 movies so bad they should have never been made

Movie 43 has the dubious distinction of being considered among one of the worst films of all time. The so-called comedy is a collection of sketches and shorts filled with famous people who probably really regret getting involved with this project.

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Somehow, Jackman was roped into this mess for a short in which he stars alongside Oscar-winner Kate Winslet. They play a couple on a first date where Winslet discovers that Jackman has a pair of testicles hanging from his chin. That's the entire joke that these superstars have to work with and they give it their best shot.

5 Rise Of The Guardians

The Avengers films might have taken the title of most ambitious crossover event, but Rise of the Guardians deserves at least a nod. The animated adventure reimagines some of the most popular child's legends as a team of superhero-like beings who protect children around the world. The movie finds the likes of Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy teaming up to fight evil.

Jackman voices the Easter Bunny, who in this version is a no-nonsense badass. The film is a fun adventure for all ages and wonderfully animated. Jackman shows that even as a cartoon, he can be as suave and compelling as ever.

4 Flushed Away

Flushed Away is yet another animated romp that benefited from Jackman's charming vocal work. In the family film, Jackman plays a spoiled pet rat who is flushed down the toilet by another rat and has to make his way through the more dangerous world in the sewers.

The film is a funny and light adventure with a star-studded cast including Kate Winslet, Ian McKellan and Jean Reno. As for Jackman, he gets to show his less heroic side and more goofball side as the pampered rodent who becomes a fish out of water.

3 Australia

Despite being one of Australia's most famous actors, Jackman doesn't often get the chance to use his native accent on the big screen. Fittingly, in a movie called Australia, he was able to embrace his home country along with fellow Aussie, Nicole Kidman. The two star in this Baz Luhrmann's epic romance about a a rich aristocrat and a cattle driver who fall in love at the outbreak of World War II.

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The film was a huge in scale but received mixed reviews and only modest box office. Jackman carries the romantic lead role as well as you'd expect and he seems to have good chemistry with Kidman, but the film the overall film is largely forgotten.

2 Swordfish

Swordfish is a rather silly but ultimately entertaining action thriller which Jackman starred in fresh off his success in X-Men. Jackman stars as a computer hacker who is recruited by a mysterious and deadly man, played by John Travolta, to carry out a lucrative job.

Jackman might be a bit hard to buy as a down on his luck hacker, but his earnest performance helps to ground the movie from its more outlandish moment, including Travolta's performance. This is far from a perfect film, but it could be a fun ride for action fans.

1 Van Helsing

Van Helsing seemed like the first potential film franchise Jackman had scored outside the X-Men universe. The film starred Jackman as the famed monster hunter from Dracula lore. This version of the character turns him into a 1800s' action hero who tracks down the likes of Frankenstein, the Wolfman and Mr. Hyde.

The film has a success upon its release despite the poor critical reception. However, the box office numbers failed to convince the studio that this could be a viable franchise and that was the last we saw of Jackman's Van Helsing. While not a great film, Jackman helped cement his status as an action leading man.

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