Hugh Jackman Surprises Fans At Greatest Showman Singalong

Hugh Jackman surprised a crowd of unsuspecting fans during a singalong screening of The Greatest Showman. The versatile actor, who has tackled everything from Wolverine in the X-Men universe to Oklahoma!'s Curly McLain on Broadway, tried his best to be sneaky, but ended up wowing an entire crowd instead.

Based on P.T. Barnum's meteoric claim to fame as a visionary game-changer in show business, The Greatest Showman follows the birth of the Barnum and Bailey Circus, as well as all the difficulties faced in putting less-than-usual talents center stage. The film wasn't a major hit with critics, earning a mediocre 55% score on Rotten Tomatoes, but it managed to become a massive success with audiences - especially on account of its soundtrack, courtesy of La La Land's Oscar-winning songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Originally released back in December 2017, various theaters have been hosting singalong screenings of The Greatest Showman, and Jackman unexpectedly showed up at one, watching and singing along from behind the crowd.

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Jackman posted a brief video of the experience on Twittershowing off his attempt at lip-syncing along with the crowd, while also trying his best to remain unseen. However, only five seconds into the video, he acknowledges an audience member who appears to have noticed him. Jackman captioned the video with enthusiasm for both the movie and the singalong itself, saying, "Wanted to experience the singalong too! So I snuck in the back of the theatre. Then I got busted." The video ends with him smiling and waving at fans.

Wanted to experience the singalong too! So I snuck in the back of the theatre. Then I got busted. @GreatestShowman

— Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) April 20, 2018

Jackman spent nearly a decade trying to get The Greatest Showman off the ground, so it's no wonder he'd be so enthusiastic with the material. In fact, just a day before he was scheduled to present a read-through to 20th Century Fox (a make-or-break moment for financial backing), he underwent surgery on a basal cell carcinoma on his nose, according to Variety. The surgeon insisted that he not sing, worried that the stitches might tear, jeopardizing what little hope the film had at being financed. That said, however, Jackman ultimately ignored the warnings, belted out the showstopper titled "From Now On", and finally earned the film the official greenlight. So, given the commitment he showed before the film had even begun production, it's no wonder Jackman continues to be so enthusiastic.

Between The Greatest Showman and Logan, 2017 more or less defined Jackman's entire career, showing off his dedication to both film and theater. Whether he's belting out showstoppers during a performance in The Boy from Oz or toying with magic in Christopher Nolan's The Prestige, this Academy Award-nominated, Tony Award-winning actor is as committed as he is chameleonic. Just don't expect him to show up at a re-release of Logan sporting his trademark muttonchops.

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