Hugh Jackman Is Also In The Fake Crocodile Dundee Sequel

You can't make a movie set in Australia without Hugh Jackman (not even a fake one) so of course the former Wolverine actor will co-star in the upcoming Crocodile Dundee sequel. Starring comedian Danny McBride, the supposedly-real-but-definitely-not project came out of nowhere last week and dropped a teaser trailer on unsuspecting audiences. In it, McBride put his spin on the famous line from the original 1986 action comedy starring Paul Hogan -- "That's not a knife...that's a knife" -- leaving fans everywhere scratching their heads.

Two days after that first teaser was revealed, another clip was released that featured well-known native Aussie Chris Hemsworth, best known for playing Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With two pretty unfunny clips under its belt, Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home (whew, we're really hoping no one would ever title their movie like that) was starting to raise suspicions. A third glimpse, in which McBride and Hemsworth square off against a water buffalo blocking their path, was released yesterday, raising the unfunny bar even higher.

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Thankfully, that last teaser arrived after it was all but confirmed that the new Dundee sequel was a hoax. As reported by the Brisbane Times, it's actually an elaborate viral marketing campaign for Tourism Australia, one which will play out in full next week during Super Bowl Sunday. Regardless of that scoop, the ad campaign must go on, and Hugh Jackman is now getting in on the fun. As he revealed in a 10-second clip on his Twitter page early this morning, the 49-year-old Sydney native will have a role to play in Dundee. Check out the clip for yourself below.

As you can see, Jackman looks to be playing an Australian businessman or politician of some sort. It's possible that he may be being positioned as the villain of the campaign, albeit one that hasn't given up on his love for surfing.

While we certainly won't knock Tourism Australia for trying to drum up business with an elaborate ad campaign, we imagine it would be going over a bit better if the clips were a bit funnier. Some sort of role for the original Crocodile Dundee, Paul Hogan, would be welcome as well. We'll hold off further judgement until Super Bowl Sunday, where the full extent of the campaign is revealed.

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Source: Twitter

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