Huge X-Files 2 Spoiler

As you all know, I'm excited about the new X-Files film. I've been keeping you posted on developments, however most of the pictures that we have seen have been pictures of the cast standing around looking bored.

All that changed today, and we now have the best behind the scenes pictures yet! However, I do have to warn you: This is an EXTREME SPOILER!

If you want to know as little as possible leading up to the release of the film look away NOW!

If you really want to know, click below.

Are you sure that you want to know?



Last chance!


This picture just makes me giddy with excitement.

We've been promised a "non mythology" film and by heck they seem to be giving it to us. The last werewolf related X-Files was way back in the first series and it was one of the best episodes in that particular season.

This film is looking more and more promising.

Roll on summer.


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