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Dawsons Creek Jonathan Lipnicki

The impact of the 1996 romantic comedy/drama Jerry McGuire still reverberates in pop culture to this day. Packed with unforgettable lines and scenes, almost everyone can recall their favorite parts of the movie. Also, the film introduced the world to lovable child actor Jonathan Lipnicki. Playing

Ray Boyd in his film debut, audiences fell for his cute lines and adorable face.

After the success of the film, Lipnicki rode his wave of success to secure additional roles on both TV and film. On Dawson’s Creek, he took on the part of another precocious child, Buzz Thompson. Set to match wits with the ever sarcastic Pacey Witter, Lipnicki brought the same charm and lovable to his one-episode appearance. Fans everywhere delighted in seeing him onscreen again and enjoyed his brief role on the show.

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