15Hiding Luke on Vader’s Home Planet - Star Wars

Star Wars' twins, Luke and Leia Skywalker, were separated at birth, one was given a new planet and a new name and the other was fostered on his father’s home planet.

It has been mentioned that leaving Luke on Anakin’s home planet, running around with Anakin’s surname, was

not the most fool-proof of hiding places. Yet there are plenty of reasons that the chosen hiding place was a stroke of genius, rather than a plot hole.

Obi Wan knew that Anakin hated Tatooine and would never return to face his past. If Vader had felt the pull of the force to his home planet, he would be more likely to shrug it off as a pull to his past than suspect to find a secret lost son growing up on the planet. He had no reason to look. Also, he hates sand…

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