HTGAWM Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

How would the Sorting Hat place the characters of How to Get Away With Murder in the Wizarding World of Hogwarts? Click here!

The Sorting Hat

The premise for How To Get Away With Murder cannot be any more divergent from the Wizarding World. In Annalise Keating's world, it's up to her and her loyal team of law students to come up with creative solutions in order to disguise their own wrong-doings. And while these character's crimes may not be on par with the likes of Death Eaters, they still make it difficult to decide where they might fit in at Hogwarts.

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As much as audiences would like to imagine that all of Hogwarts students are as selfless and courageous as Harry, Ron, and Hermione, realistically there would be students from all walks of life, with all sorts of surprising (and maybe even corrupt) experiences. So in this alternate reality, let's see where which Hogwarts houses the How To Get Away With Murder characters would be sorted into.

10 Annalise Keating - Gryffindor

Annalise Keating is by far the most cunning, yet loyal person in the show. As the leading character, her traits are complicated and even contrasting at times as she works to solve murders while helping cover them up at the same time. Any house would be lucky to have this law professor, but it seems that her unrelenting desire to help out her students makes her best suited for Godric Gryffindor's brave and chivalrous house.

9 Nate Lahey - Ravenclaw

As a Philadelphia detective, Nate works ruthlessly to uphold all aspects of the law. Annalise oftentimes gets in the way of his job, causing him moral turbulence that ultimately transfixes his core character.

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Not many people can outsmart Nate's sharp wit, and he often sees through the lies that Annalise or her students try to feed to him. Because of his outstanding intelligence and wit, Nate is definitely dubbed as a Ravenclaw.

8 Wes Gibbins - Gryffindor

And no, not because Alfred Enoch plays the Gryffindor, Dean Thomas, in the actual Harry Potter films. Wes Gibbons' past is complicated at best, but it helps shape him into a (tentatively) law-abiding law student. However, as this past catches up to him, he finds himself acting out in ways that are uncharacteristic of him. But in lieu of his own problems, Wes continuously strives to support and defend his friends before himself. Their predicaments always seem to come first and Wes is predominately working to do what is morally right. So, despite his misgivings, Wes is still a Gryffindor.

7 Connor Walsh - Slytherin

There is no doubt that Connor Walsh is a Slytherin. This character's mysterious facade only escalates his unpredictable and erratic behaviors.

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Although he seems unable to cope with the murderous events that have taken place within his group, he seems adamant about destroying anyone who threatens to even whisper the truth. Conner's will knows no bounds, and he's cunning and resourceful enough to be able to manipulate or distract even those who are closest to him.

6 Oliver Hampton - Ravenclaw

Oliver is a mild-manner technical wizard who's persona may seem to fit in with a Hufflepuff crowd. But somehow, Oliver's key attributes outweigh his Hufflepuff tendencies in favor of those who represent the house of Rowena Ravenclaw. He is a critical thinker who works to bail his friends out of trouble, one crime after another. Oliver also seems to put those like Michaela and Nate, who both showcase extreme intelligence, in high regard. He gravitates towards those he can learn from; even in Conner's instance, as his contrasting personality seems to be what balances out their relationship.

5 Michaela Pratt - Gryffindor

While Michaela is no doubt the brains of Annalise's motley crew of criminals, her inward struggles are what prove her Gryffindor worth. Michaela faces one hardship after another, despite coming from a seemingly normal background. Her mother is a mess, her fiance turns out to be bisexual, and her friends impending killing accidents put her at odds with her blossoming career as a lawyer. She doesn't always make the right choices, but it's clear that she is constantly battling these internal struggles. Still, she perseveres, which is why this type of strength would put her in Gryffindor.

4 Asher Millstone - Hufflepuff

Matt McGorry as Asher Millstone in How To Get Away With Murder

Asher is the goofball, the comic relief. He hosts his demons, too, but his perpetual need to make others feel at ease makes him a loyal Hufflepuff. Although Asher doesn't learn the full extent of his classmates' wrong-doing until later in the series, he decides to uphold their struggles and adds them as a burden of his own.

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He remains loyal to Micahel during their relationship, he's consistently working to find a place in the legal grounds, and despite all the odds, he is passionate about finding justice.

3 Laurel Castillo - Slytherin

Although Laurel grew up financially cushioned, she could not be any more detached from her family. Their corruption has found a way into her central temperament, which is probably why she seems the most adaptable to the circumstances she and her classmates find themselves in.

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She goes through her own struggles, first with Wes' death and then with her father taking away their child, but if there's anything that Laurel is not, it's a pushover. She's both street and book smart which helps her become a leader in her own right. She is a born Slytherin, and she has a hard enough outer shell in order to thrive there.

2 Frank Delfino - Hufflepuff

Frank is a cold-blooded killer. He's calculating and impassive, but none of these characteristics are as obvious as his loyalty to Annalise. Again, it stands to reason that all Hogwarts students come from backgrounds and not everyone will fit perfectly into each house's mold. Not all Slytherins are bad, and not all Hufflepuffs have a cheery deposition. Frank works hard, has immense amounts of patience, and is bound for justice, even if it serves the wrong hands.

1 Bonnie Winterbottom - Slytherin

Bonnie, on the other hand, is a hard one to figure out. She is equally as loyal to Annalise as Frank is, but she has that underlying layer that makes her unpredictable, and furthermore, untrustworthy. Bonnie has proven her resourcefulness as well as her strong capability to keep a secret.

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And despite being a doormat to Annalise, Bonnie is able to take the leadership mantel at a moment's notice. There isn't probably any other house that can handle Bonnie's capricious behavior except by those in Slytherin.

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