How's the Jay Leno Show Faring These Days?

Despite all the hoopla and what appeared to be NBC directives of enforced support for The Jay Leno Show, and pulling scripted dramas en masse, The Jay Leno Show is not faring as well as could be expected.

NBC made a reasonable pitch, declaring how different the show would be... if you count pulling the desk off the set and rearranging the same routines as different, then fine, it's different. Otherwise, I'm not sure what the change is. And to boot, viewers aren't impressed.

At least it doesn't look good from last Monday night where The Jay Leno Show pulled in 4.6 million viewers...  and was bested by everything on the air except One Tree Hill on The CW, Gossip Girl, again from The CW and, well... huh. That's it.

Dancing with the Stars, at its peak, had 18.4 million viewers and took the night, but in the very same time slot that Leno sat, his 4.6 million viewers did not compete against a rerun of CSI: Miami, which drew in 11.2 million viewers, and Castle was right behind CSI: Miami, with 11.1 million viewers soundly trouncing Leno.

I think that if the show had actually been different, it might have had a chance. Now what do they do?  Stay happy that they're beating The CW soundly and stick by their guns, despite how much money they dropped on Jay? Or start looking to actually make real changes to the show?

What changes? I don't know. Maybe they need to put Jay in Heroes and give him a mutation power of the gift of insight.

Source: TV By The Numbers

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