How Zoe Saldana Hopes Thanos is Explored in Avengers: Infinity War

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 opens soon, and the Internet has been abuzz with positive chatter ahead of the highly anticipated sequel and how it will tie in to Avengers: Infinity War. In a flurry of recent developments, fans now know that James Gunn will be back to direct the third installment in this fun, intergalactic branch of Marvel. At the same time, we now know that the next Guardians film will mark the end of this Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the team.

In the ever expanding MCU, character crossover is the backbone of what makes these films so successful. True stand alone films appear to be a thing of the past as major events in one film trickle down to all other aspects including network television and Netflix. Despite the Marvel vs Fox debate about Josh Brolin currently playing characters in both continuities (Thanos for Marvel and Cable for Fox), we know for sure that Thanos will be the big bad of Avengers: Infinity War.

Though his character has only briefly been seen on screen, there's a rich (comic) backstory between him and his adopted daughters, Gamora and Nebula. At the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 press junket, Screen Rant had the chance to speak with actress Zoe Saldana about Gamora and Thanos' strained relationship. Looking ahead to next summer, Saldana (who is confirmed for an Infinity War appearance) believes there's plenty of room to explore the Mad Titan's history. She said:

"In Infinity War, if Thanos is the enemy of the universe right now, and he's the threat, it would make sense for us to explore his evilness by what he's done to his offspring, his kids. So, I hope we get to explore that because he's very bad."

Thanos Cube Infinity Gauntlet

Very bad is an understatement when it comes to the devastation Thanos has left in his wake. More than just the villain, Marvel's Kevin Feige revealed that the studio sees Thanos as the main character of Avengers: Infinity War. In most superhero films, the bad guys take a backseat to the heroes; but that looks to be changing for 2018. On the surface it seems like a fresh take for the comic villain to take center stage, but it is a logical path given Thanos is in search of completing the Inifinity Gauntlet with the stones we've seen throughout the MCU.

As for Gamora in future films, the actress believes the character is just now hitting her stride. Saldana adds:

"[Gamora] feels to me the one that is kind of like is tapping into some kind of... [She] kind of found her calling, so I don't know what James Gunn may add to her. I certainly think she probably has a lot more layers we need to discover about her."

Both Gamora and Thanos have strong personalities, and hopefully there's room for some epic family space battles in Avengers: Infinity War.

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