'How to Train Your Dragon' TV Series 'Dragons' Teasers

Cartoon Network has premiered a couple of teasers for 'Dragons,' a TV spinoff of DreamWorks' 3D animated hit film 'How to Train Your Dragon.'

how train your dragon tv series trailers

Much like other popular Dreamworks animated features such as Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon is getting its own TV spinoff (along with a feature-length sequel due out in 2014). The former of those two HTTYD projects is titled Dragons and remains set to begin airing on Cartoon Network by the second half of 2012.

A pair of TV teasers for Dragons have made their way online and (as you might expect) they don't shed much light on the actual plot of the television show. However, there are some brief bits of early footage that reveal some of the new dragons that'll be introduced in the series, along with familiar material featuring Hiccup (voice of Jay Baruchel) soaring through the sky atop everyone's favorite Night Fury, Toothless.

Dragons takes place in the same world of Vikings and dragons featured in How to Train Your Dragon, but will further explore and develop both the setting and its inhabitants. While that's also expected to be the case with the movie's sequel, it's not entirely clear yet how the two franchise properties will overlap with one another (as far as narrative continuity goes).

For an early look at Dragons, check out the TV teasers below:



While it's fairly easy to distinguish the original How to Train Your Dragon material from the bits of Dragons footage (due to the diminished quality of computer-animation from the latter) the visuals from the show still look pretty refined, as far as television animation standards are concerned.

Similarly, Dragons producer Tim Johnson previously offered the following tidbit, concerning how the show aims to differentiate itself from other DreamWorks CGI toon TV spinoffs:

"... We’re actually gonna go a little darker, a little more dramatic, much like the [original 'How to Train Your Dragon' film]. The goal was not to change it or lighten it in order to make a TV series. The goal is to try to stay true to it and actually make a TV series that is fairly challenging, fairly dense."

Considering that the original How to Train Your Dragon movie is widely considered to be one of DreamsWorks' best animated offerings to date, that bodes well for the overall tone and quality of storytelling we can expect from Dragons.


Look for Dragons to begin airing on Cartoon Network by Fall 2012.

Source: [via Coming Soon]

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