How To Train Your Dragon 3 Ending Explained: What Happens To The Dragons & Berk

How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World Ending


It's the end of an era for Viking chieftain Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and his dragon buddy Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, the closing chapter in DreamWorks Animation's epic animated fantasy trilogy. There have been tears, laughter, loss, adventure, and battles along the way, so let's break down how the How to Train Your Dragon movies end - and what happens to the dragons and the Vikings of Berk.

Dean DeBlois returns as writer and director for How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, which finds Hiccup working overtime as Berk's chieftain to create a haven for dragons where they can leave peacefully alongside humans. Unfortunately, the abundance of dragon hunters and dragons in need of rescuing means that Berk has become considerable overcrowded. When a new threat arrives in the form of the diabolical dragon-hunter Grimmel (F. Murray Abraham), Hiccup realizes that he must seek out a new sanctuary for the dragons of Berk - a legendary hidden world, where dragons came from, and where they can be safe from human aggression.

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The trailers for How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World featured an older, bearded Hiccup and the heavy statement, "There were dragons, when I was a boy" - implying that the third movie in the series would finally see the human and dragon worlds separated for good. And sure enough, that's what happens... but it's not the last time that Hiccup and Toothless see one another.

The Dragons Go To The Hidden World At The End Of How To Train Your Dragon 3

How To Train Your Dragon 3 - Toothless and the Light Fury

When Grimmel launches a direct attack on Berk, Hiccup realizes that his childhood home is no longer a safe place for either his people or his dragons. He leads a mass exodus across the ocean, in the direction where he believes the Hidden World can be found, until eventually the Berkians find an idyllic tiered island filled with the resources they need to build a new life. Though Hiccup tries to persuade them that it's only meant as a temporary camping spot, it isn't long before people begin building houses and establishing New Berk on the island - pleased with having traded up from their crowded old spot. Despite Hiccup's dreams of leading his people to the Hidden World, after visiting it himself he realizes that it's a world for dragons and dragons alone. New Berk ultimately becomes a permanent settlement, not a temporary one.

While at first it seems that New Berk is safe from Grimmel and the other dragon hunters, the villain soon catches up to them after Ruffnut (Kristen Wiig) inadvertently leads him to the Berkians' new home. Though Grimmel is defeated in the ensuing battle, it's clear that New Berk is not a safe place for the dragons, since humans will always eventually find them there. Hiccup makes the heartbreaking decision to let Toothless, now equipped with a tail modification that allows him to fly solo, lead the dragons of Berk to the Hidden World. Though it means saying goodbye to the dragon who has been his best friend since childhood, it also allows Toothless to fulfil his role as Alpha of the dragons, and start to build a family of his own with the Light Fury.

Hiccup Grows Up And Has Two Children With Astrid

Astrid and Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World

Love is in the air throughout How to Train Your Dragon 3 - between Toothless' awkward attempts at courtship with the Light Fury, and Gobber (Craig Ferguson) putting pressure on Hiccup and Astrid (America Ferrera) to get married so that they can lead the tribe together. However, the young couple aren't quite ready to tie the knot for much of the movie, and the fight against Grimmel leaves little time for sorting out their feelings. It's only after Toothless and the other dragons have left to start their new life that Hiccup and Astrid finally get married and begin their own new life.

We catch up with Hiccup and Astrid about ten years later, with Hiccup now sporting the beard that we saw in the trailer. He and Astrid have had two children together - a little girl and a little boy, who were born after the dragons left and therefore have never seen them before. In How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World's final scene, Hiccup decides to fix that.

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