How To Get Away With Murder: 10 Most Hated Supporting Characters

How To Get Away With Murder fans love to hate the cast, but which 10 characters from the supporting cast do they absolutely detest?

The legal drama How To Get Away With Murder, one of many popular Shondaland shows, has captivated viewers for six seasons, with the currently airing sixth season set to be its last.

The series begun with the story of law professor Annalise Keating who finds herself in unfortunate circumstances with team of five star students who have to cover up a murder. In subsequent seasons, the stakes rise higher and higher.

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The main characters includes Annalise, her Keating Five, Wes, Connor, Michaela, Laurel, and Asher, as well as former cop Nate and Annalise’s friends and employees Frank and Bonnie. But through the series, several other supporting characters have come and gone, or still remain. Who are the most hated ones? Beware of spoilers, by the way, if you're not exactly caught up with the show.

10 Tegan Price

Viewers can’t decide whether they like Tegan or don’t. She seems cold and calculating while also lonely and genuinely interested in being Annalise’s friend. Power hungry, she did dirty deeds for the Castillo family when they were her client, and worked her way up in her law firm, an admirable feat for a gay woman of color.

But whether she was involved with Emmett’s murder or not, she didn’t hide her glee that he was gone and quickly swept in to take his position. She seems insecure and like she’s hiding something and could be part of a twist that reveals she’s actually one of the bad guys.

9 Gabriel Maddox

Anyone who comes after Annalise is automatically the enemy, and Gabriel arrived, guns ablazin’. The son of Annalise’s deceased husband, he’s desperate to find out more about his biological father and get to the bottom of how he died.

Despite his chiseled body and features, Gabriel is one of these characters that fans wouldn’t be mad if someone got away with his murder. Leave Annalise alone and stop digging up old wounds! Plus, Michaela was so much better with Asher anyway.

8 Simon Drake

We feel bad for Simon because, in the end, this fellow law student got shot and seriously injured then the group got him deported to avoid him taking to the police and revealing their secrets.

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But prior to that, he often accused Annalise of being guilty in her husband’s murder, even posting flyers all over the school suggesting she did it. He antagonized members of the group, insulted them any chance he got, and tried to compete with them, especially Michaela, constantly.

7 A.D.A. Todd Denver

It took a while before we realized that Denver, as he was called, the Assistant District Attorney and later the District Attorney, was completely corrupt. But even before that, viewers hated the character’s smug attitude and his fixation on taking Annalise down.

We later learned that he was secretly working with the crime Castillo family, even accepting illegally donated money from them for his campaign to become Attorney General. In the end, he was killed and it was good riddance.

6 Jorge Castillo

As the main antagonist of the series, everything against Annalise seems to lead back to Jorge. The leader of a crime family and father to Keating Five member Laurel, with whom he’s estranged, he’s checks every mob boss character type box.

He’s cunning and calculated but also smart, suave, and charming. He uses his underlings, including his own son, to do his dirty work and steals, cheats, and lies his way to the top. He even threatens his own daughter, using his granddaughter as leverage, to get what he wants.

5 Governor Lynne Birkhead

The Governor of Pennsylvania, Governor Birkhead is clearly a bad apple who has it out for Annalise. A crooked and ruthless politician, she will stop at nothing to use her money, influence, and power to get what she wants.

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She comes across as the charming, sweet woman who’s out to help you (i.e. Annalise), then stabs you in the back the moment you turn around. She was crooked and dirty from the get go and we can’t wait to see her get taken down.

4 Xavier Castillo

The son of Jorge Castillo and brother of Laurel, Xavier seems ready to take over the family business, even if it means capturing and even hurting his own sister. Seeking revenge against Annalise for sending his dear dad to jail, Xavier continues to try and show his strength as a leader. But really, he’s just a pawn who does whatever his father tells him to do.

Why we really dislike him, however, is because he organized the murder of Nathanial Lahey, Sr., which set into motion a domino of other events, murders, accusations, and drama that brought the group right back into harm’s way once again.

3 Hannah Keating

We sympathize with Hannah, who clearly never liked Annalise in the first place and just wants to find out what really happened to her brother, who died under suspicious circumstances. But every time Hannah, Annalise’s angry sister-in-law, pops up, we know there will be trouble.

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As supporters of Annalise, we wish Hannah would just go away. As human beings, we totally understand her position and why she won’t let things go about her brother. Still, it’s irritating whenever we see her.

2 Solomon Vick

The charming playboy, Solomon is a wealthy attorney and businessman who, it is discovered in the latest season, is Michaela’s biological father. He embodies everything we dislike about wealthy businessmen: living in excess, a different woman every night, putting on a smiling face to preach words he probably doesn’t actually live by.

He comes to Annalise’s defense in the end, if only to avoid getting into trouble himself. And he offers to essentially buy Michaela off for abandoning her, which is pretty despicable.

1 Chloe Millstone

We share the group’s disdain for Chloe, Asher’s sister, who shows up every now and then to guilt Asher into going to see his ailing mother. Believing she’s suicidal, Chloe won’t stop until she gets Asher’s help.

Meanwhile, it turns out they were being blackmailed by the FBI and were trying to get information from Asher. But her weak attempts to get “in” with the group were pretty lame. So, we get why Asher rolled his eyes every time he opened the door and it was her.

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