How not to revive a movie franchise

It has been reported in recent days that Rick Berman has been tossing out comments concerning an 11th Star Trek film, despite the abysmal performance of Star Trek: Nemesis. The word is that it would be a prequel to the original series, but take place long enough after Star Trek: Enterprise that none of that series' cast would be in it.

Now... how should Paramount revive what was once a beloved (revered, even by some) franchise? One which was responsible for redefining Sci Fi in film and on televison? Wouldn't you maybe think that it was time to stop messing around and bring in some big guns as far as writing and directing talent? Give Berman, Braga, and Frakes a pass and go find yourself maybe a David Hayter to write it and someone along the lines of Brian Singer, Sam Raimi, or some other really good director to take the helm?

Of course not.

Instead, team up a movie executive who's entire production resume consists of executive producing the pilot to Miami Vice and the recent made-for-TV movie Homeland Security (Kerry McCluggage), and the producer of such recent classics as Inspector Gadget (I & II), Snow Dogs, George of the Jungle (I & II), and three of the Mighty Ducks movies (Jordan Kerner).

What's that? Those wouldn't have been your choices?

Go figure.

Sad, isn't it? It would be funnier to me if I wasn't a long-time Star Trek fan. But what can you expect from the people who blamed the poor performance of Nemesis on us instead of the fact that it was a terrible film?


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