How Much Is Netflix? All Price Plans Explained

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Netflix is still the streaming service to beat, so let’s examine their current price plans. Netflix has become so ubiquitous over the last decade it’s almost hard to remember a time before them. With consumers steadily moving away from physical media, it’s tough to beat a streaming service that provides consumers with an ever-widening selection of great movies and TV shows, including original content like Stranger Things, Mindhunter and Altered Carbon.

Of course, Netflix isn’t the only game in town when it comes to that market, but they’re certainly a dominant force right now. With over 55 million subscribers in the U.S. alone, Netflix’s reach continues to expand. They reportedly spent over $13 billion on original content in 2018, with that number expected to climb to $15 billion in 2019. With those figures in mind, it’s little wonder subscription prices for the service have gone up for the first time since 2017.

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With that in mind, let’s break down how much is Netflix’s current price plans.

The Basic Plan

Price: $8.99 a month

The Package: The absolute barebones Netflix deal allows subscribers to watch anything they want, but with some compromises. They can only watch content in standard definition and only on one device at a time. For casual consumers, it’s not a bad deal but it’s a little too simple for most users.

The Standard Plan

Price: $12.99 a month

The Package: This is the option most Netflix consumers opt for since the Basic plan can be a little limiting. The Standard plan streams in high definition (but not Ultra HD) and allows users to watch content on two different devices at the same time. Like Basic, the option to download for offline viewing is available too.

The Premium Plan

Price: $15.99 a month

The Package: In addition to all the benefits of the first two price plans, Premium Netflix allows streaming on four different screens at once and the option to watch content in 4K, for those who want the crispest image quality imaginable. Naturally, this is a plan that will appeal to subscribers with a 4K TV.

Netflix DVD & Blu-ray Rental Plans

Netflix DVD and Blu-ray app

DVD Price: $4.99, $7.99 or $11.99 a month

Blu-ray Price: $5.99, $7.99 or $14.99 a month

For movie fans who prefer physical media, Netflix still offers DVD and Blu-ray rental options. Prices vary, with the basic $4.99 plan allowing users to rent two DVD’s a month for one disc at a time, while the $11.99 option allows for unlimited monthly rentals, with the option of two discs at a time.

The Blu-ray price plan has an identical structure, but with slightly steeper prices. While streaming is fast becoming the norm, physical media still has advantages like exclusive bonus features, so it’s not a bad deal.

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