How I Met Your Mother: 10 Worst Supporting Characters

From Scooter to Sandy Rivers, here are the 10 worst supporting characters of How I Met Your Mother, ranked.

For nine years, fans had followed the life of Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) and his friends. They watched Robin (Cobie Smulders) become the best news reporter in the world. They saw Ted become a successful architect and even Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) sow his wild oats as he found out he had a daughter. However, they had faced many opponents to get there.

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There have been many guest stars that have appeared on How I Met Your Mother, but only a few have left a lasting (and bad) impression. Whether it is their personalities or how they treat our favorite characters, here are the 10 worst supporting characters, ranked.

10 Jerome Whittaker

Played by John Lithgow, Jerome was first introduced to the show as Barney's fun "Uncle Jerry". However, fans were in for a shock when the episode "Natural History" revealed that he was Barney's father. Although he was reluctant at first, Barney reached out to Jerome after Marshall's father died.

However, it still took a while for the father-son relationship to be repaired. Barney struggled to come to terms with Jerome's new family and why he wasn't a "lame suburban dad" for him. Barney was also hurt when Jerome refused to answer his letters or calls. Even though they are on better terms now, it was hard to watch Barney struggle with the rejection.

9 Gael

Portrayed by Enrique Iglesias, Gael was introduced in season 3 as Robin's rebound lover. After her break-up with Ted, Robin fled to Argentina to find herself. Here, she engaged in a romance with the masseuse Gael, who she then brought back to New York.

However, once Robin was out of vacation mode, fans saw how annoying Gael was. Although attentive, he was lazy; he would sit around her apartment doing nothing all day, invited his traveling friends to stay at her apartment without asking permission and did not contribute to her rent. He was a complete freeloader.

8 Sandy Rivers

Fans will easily remember Sandy as the guy was a total sleazeball. Portrayed by Alexis Denisof, Sandy was Robin's co-anchor at Metro News 1 and World Wide News. He would often harass the women in the workplace, particularly Robin, trying to seduce them at any opportunity he got.

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He also began to ostracize Robin when she joined World Wide News, mocking and embarrassing her in front of their colleagues with stories from the past. Her colleagues advise her to go along with it because Sandy would only get worse if she didn't. It is implied that his indiscretions catch up on him as a scandal sees him run to Russia.

7 Simon Tremblay

Played by James Van De Beek, Simon was another supporting character who was the absolute worst. Introduced as Robin's ex-boyfriend, Simon proved to be a jerk as he treated the news anchor terribly when they were dating. On two separate occasions, Simon dumped Robin for Louise Marsh because she had better materialistic things.

Fans later find out that Simon was getting married to Louise, which led to Robin stealing their wedding cake out of spite. It's not as if he didn't deserve it after everything he put her through. She deserved better than this shallow man.

6 Hammond Druthers

Hammond had to be one of the most annoying characters on the show. Portrayed by Bryan Cranston, Druthers was Ted's rude and arrogant boss that used to bully his co-workers into agreeing with his demands. When the clients preferred Ted's plans over his, Druthers continued to act out and treat Ted harshly.

Although Druthers attempted to make it up to Ted, fans still can't forgive him for his lack of appreciation when Ted took him in. Ted gave him a roof to sleep under after finding him sleeping in the office; he also supported him through the divorce. How can someone be so cruel after that? He deserved to be fired for his insubordination.

5 Bilson

It would be a miracle if fans can find anyone who likes the character, Bilson. Played by Brian Callen, Bilson worked at the Goliath National Bank with Marshall (Jason Segel) and Barney. He is proven to be a jerk to all his colleagues, bullying Marshall about his relationship with Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and shutting down all of Ted's ideas.

Fans may remember him best for creating the phrase, "Steak Sauce" - a quip that means something is good. The brutish, misogynistic attitude is one that is most off-putting elements that it's no wonder a chair was thrown at him for the way he disrespects his colleagues.

4 Clint

Did anyone like Clint? Portrayed by Harry Groener, Clint was introduced in season 5 as Ted's stepfather. He was quite eccentric and free-spirited, often heard protesting about Christmas and gender stereotypes. However, the guy liked to invade personal boundaries and had a terrible temper.

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When Marshall and Daphne stay at Ted's mother's house for the night, Clint wants to help resolve the tension between the two ("The Lighthouse"). When they turn him down, Clint sneaks into their car in case they change their minds. Marshall then leaves him on the side of the road after he becomes angry at them for mocking him. If Clint kept his nose out of everyone else's business when asked, he would be more likable.

3 Zoey Pierson

Zoey was introduced to the show in season 6 as an activist who is out to get Ted. Portrayed by Jennifer Morrison, Zoey proved to be a chip on Ted's shoulder as she protested against the destruction of the old Arcadian building. She would turn up in his architecture class to goad him and also manipulated him to confess his hatred for his client.

Although the pair soon embarked on the relationship, fans knew it wouldn't last. Ted and Zoey continued to clash over his architectural dream, with the activist breaking up with him for not saving the building. We all appreciated the significance of the building for her, but it was pointless to save it as it proved to be a health and safety hazard. It just seemed petty to try and ruin Ted's career.

2 Scooter

Scooter was first introduced in season 1 as Lily's high school sweetheart, who has an unnatural obsession with the art consultant. Portrayed by David Burtka, he appears to be a kind and sensitive guy who just wants to make Lily happy. However, he appears more stalkerish as the seasons go on.

Scooter turns up at Lily and Marshall's wedding, planning to ask the bride to run away with him. When that plan doesn't work, he gets a job in the school cafeteria where she works in an attempt to get closer to her. Eventually, an older Ted reveals that he married Lily's doppelgänger, Jasmine. There comes a point when his obsession goes from endearing to creepy.

1 Stella Zinman

Played by Sarah Chalke, Stella Zinman was Ted's dermatologist and first introduced to the show in season 3. She was seen as Ted's love interest, meeting the series' protagonist after he requests she remove her butterfly tattoo. The couple soon become engaged at the beginning of season 4.

However, the couple split as Stella ditches Ted at their wedding to reunite with her ex, Tony (Jason Jones). To make matters worse, Tony makes a movie called The Wedding Bride, which is based on the love triangle between the three. He portrays Ted in a negative light, making him out to be a villain. The fact that Stella had no objections about the story proves she didn't care much for Ted.

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