How I Met Your Mother: 10 Hilarious Ted Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Ted Mosby is one of the most complex television characters. How I Met Your Mother brought us all into the world through Ted's eyes, and gave us insight into his chaotic life in New York City. Ted narrates the entire show in the context of telling his children how he met their mother. He recounts endless stories, which make up the series, and eventually ends on the story of meeting his wife. It is all of the in between stuff that makes the show so juicy. Between the fights, the random hookups, and hilarious college stories, Ted is one colorful dude. Here are 10 Ted memes that just perfectly sum him up.

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10 Red Cowboy Boots

Who could forget the red cowboy boots. Ted is sort of notorious for making not-so-great decisions. One of those decisions: the red cowboy boots. Ted thinks he can totally pull them off, but sadly he is the only one who thinks so. The rest of the friend group teases him endlessly about the boots. Props to Ted for holding his own though.

9 Letting Go Of Robin

Letting go of dream girl Robin Scherbatsky is no easy move for Ted. For more than half of the show, he is torn between making things work with her, being jealous over her current flings, and completely forgetting the idea that he and Robin could ever work. It is one of those relationships that everyone is secretly hoping will work out. They unfortunately just don't want the same things out of life. Ted is pretty obsessed with the idea of "the one" and settling down with a family, while Robin is more focused on her career and just going with the flow.

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8 Blonde Ted

Ted Mosby has a tendency to take things too far. The friend group spends so much time together that they can practically read each other's minds. In most situations Ted is totally in on it. Although, other times he seems to fall short. When the rest of the group is talking to each other about persuading Ted to go blonde through manipulative looks, Ted thinks they are thinking about getting nachos. He spends the entire conversation deciphering glances and hoping that this means they all want to order nachos. Little does he know they just want to see him make another dumb decision.

7 Bass Players

There are a couple of must have characteristics that a woman must have to be Ted's dream girl. He wants someone who likes Star Wars just as much as him, a woman who can be dorky and sexy all in one, and also they have to play the bass. Ted is extremely interested in bass players. Nobody really knows why that one is on the checklist but it is. Luckily he gets his wish and his wife ends up being a bass player in a band.

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6 The Dilemma

Most of HIMYM shows a conflicted Ted just wondering when his day in the sun will come. He is a true romantic and all he wants is for 'the one' to show up and brighten up his life. Ted is constantly torn between being a fun single guy in the city, and wanting to really settle down and stop messing around. He is in constant search for his soulmate, even when he is having fun being careless and single, he is secretly hoping his girl is right around the corner.

5 Ted Wasting Time

Though it is sweet that Ted is such a die-hard romantic, it does seem that he wastes so much of his time looking for the perfect woman. There is that old saying that "love comes when we least expect it." Seems like Ted could've spent so many years of his life just having fun and going with the flow of life, instead of stressing over every single relationship he had. But we get it, Ted is sensitive and he loves being in love.\

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4 I Already Love You

Nobody can forget Ted telling Robin he loved her after literally one date. Who does that? Ted is a romantic, but that just borders on creepy. Can't really blame Robin for getting completely freaked out by those three words. Ted means it all in the sweetest way, he really thinks Robin is the one. Maybe he should just take a little bit longer for that to slip out.

3 Ted Joins The World Cup

Throughout the series, Ted tells some pretty ridiculous stories about himself and his friends. He must get every detail in to build up to who the kids' mother is. It honestly wouldn't be all that shocking if Ted did have a lookalike in the World Cup. The separate members  of the friend group all have doppelgängers. So really, who's to say that Ted Mosby/Josh Radnor doesn't have another one in the World Cup?

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2 College Pictures

Ted and Marshall sported completely different looks while in college. Ted especially looked different. He had a full head of big curly hair, much like Corbin Bleu in the High School Musical franchise. College Ted is full of stories about weird girlfriends, third wheeling Marshall and Lily, and all of the "sandwiches" consumed.

1 Ted Talks

As we all know, Ted is the voice of the show (really it is the voice of Bob Saget but you get it). He is basically telling his life story in each episode, all to get to the one story everyone wants. How did he meet the mom? Is the mom Robin? Every story is a stepping stone to the goal and many are great life lessons for Ted's kids. However, it is sadly true that the creators really missed out on an amazingly punny opportunity to name the show "Ted Talks." It probably would've been a bit of a legal battle to get the name, but still an amazing idea nonetheless.

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