How I Met Your Mother Spinoff Recruits You’re The Worst Writer

The upcoming spinoff of How I Met Your Mother just tabbed Alison Bennett (You're The Worst) to write a spec script for the new series. Possibly titled How I Met Your Father, the new show will be a fresh take on HIMYM's unique concept with a female lead telling the story of how she met her kids' dad. This is the third attempt by 20th Century Fox TV to make the spinoff happen.

The saga of the HIMYM spinoff dates back to the first attempt by creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas in 2014, which ultimately fell through. The studio tried again this past year, with This Is Us co-producers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger attached to write the spec script. But now that they are no longer available, that left 20th TV having to find a new writer as they still intend to bring the new series to life.

As reported by Deadline on Friday, Bennett is 20th TV's latest choice to pen How I Met Your Father. She will write a spec script as part of her two-year overall deal that she signed with the studio in April to develop new original projects. Twentieth TV's President of Creative Affairs Jonathan Davis described Bennett as "completely original, hilariously funny and a big, big talent" back when her original deal was signed.

Bennett will reportedly incorporate many of her own personal experiences into her spec script for How I Met Your Father. Bays and Thomas will be attached as executive producers, but will have "very limited" involvement in the spinoff due to their overall deal with Sony TV. There is no network attached for the series yet, but HIMYM's original network CBS may still be interested, though not guaranteed.

An alum of the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy group, Bennett once performed in the famous UCB Theatre in New York City. She is best known as the the writer and supervising producer of FX's acclaimed series You're The Worst, and also wrote for Comedy Central's Idiotsitter and Hulu's animated series The Awesomes. Bennett certainly has a strong background that could suit her well on How I Met Your Father; if her clever, edgy writing for You're The Worst is any indication, she could set HIMYF up for success.

Of course, Bennett has a big legacy to live up to after the great success of HIMYM. She is also in the unenviable position of having to win back the trust of some viewers after How I Met Your Mother's polarizing series finale. But with a fresh start on HIMYF and a proven track record of original comedic writing, Bennett is a strong choice for 20th Century Fox TV to try to make HIMYF as successful as its predecessor.

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Source: Deadline

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