'How I Met Your Mother' Series Finale Ending Revealed - Good or Bad?

'How I Met Your Mother' came to an end after nine seasons. What did you think of the series finale?

How I Met Your Mother Series Finale - Old Ted

After 10 years of waiting to see the answer to the series’ title come to fruition, How I Met Your Mother finally came through. Additionally, in an attempt to prove that a life’s worth of story can be told within 60 minutes, creators Carter Bays & Craig Thomas show what all occurred in the many years following the long-awaited, star-crossed meeting – and with it the final twist is revealed.

Robin and Barney divorce; Barney has a child with another woman; Lilly and Marshall are busy with their family; and Robin is alone. That is, until Ted’s wife gets sick and ultimately passes away.

As it turns out, the largely mother-free story Ted has been telling his children for all these many years - to us, at least - was never really about meeting their mother; it’s how about how much he is in love with Robin. Now, 6 years after his wife’s death, Ted’s children encourage him to go to Robin and ask her out on a date – and that’s exactly what he does.

All in all, How I Met Your Mother used their 2-part finale to wrap-up all of the character’s stories many years into the future, while also making sure to include as many familiar references as possible, as to encapsulate the entirety of the series in an extended story that reached further than any fan could have imagined. But did it reach too far?

How I Met Your Mother Series Finale - Old Ted

It’s been the love story many years in the making – and the premise of the series actually makes sense now – but did the How I Met Your Mother series finale deliver an ending worth all the time invested?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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How I Met Your Mother aired September 19, 2005 - March 31, 2014 on CBS.

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