How I Met Your Mother: 10 Hilarious Robin Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Robin Scherbatsky is the well known "do it yourself" woman from How I Met Your Mother. She is a hardworking journalist, a proud Canadian, and an amazing friend to the rest of the gang. Robin has certain characteristics, catchphrases, and quirks that truly make her unlike any other character on the show. Whether she is caught up in a Ted and Barney love triangle or out on the town with Lily, Robin is always full of funny moments. Here are 10 hilarious Robin Scherbatsky memes only the die-hard fans can appreciate.

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10 Pick-me-up Robin

Robin is pretty helpful in most situations. She's not typically one to get caught up in emotions. Robin is practical and decisive. When Marshall's father passes away, Robin is there for everyone at the funeral. Whether someone needs medicine, alcohol, or anything in between, Robin has got it in her bag of tricks. She is also not a character of whimsical fashions.

Robin is pretty cut and dry. When Ted says Robin is like Mary Poppins "if her bag was filled with drugs," Robin replies with, "If? Spoon full of sugar...grow up."

9 Honest Robin

We all have that one friend in our lives that will be honest with us no matter what. In theory, that's an extremely nice person to have in your corner. Sometimes those people, however, refuse to have a filter. They have no qualms about making it known if they think your idea is stupid or if you are making a bad decision about something.

8 Pop Star Robin

Justin Bieber is great and all, but there truly is nothing better than pop star Robin. Back in her day, she was known as Robin Sparkles. She had hit songs and a television show with her pal Jessica Glitter. Robin sparkles is such a contrast from Robin Scherbatsky.

Current day Robin is a serious journalist that wouldn't dare be caught being the slightest bit girly. Although it might be hard to imagine Robin in that time, it's is nearly impossible to get her hit songs out of your head when the friend group discovers new Robin Sparkles episodes or music videos.

7 Let's Go To The Mall Robin

Nobody can forget Robin Sparkles, y'all! As previously mentioned Robin Scherbatsky used to be Canadian pop star Robin Sparkles. She had a hit song called "Let's Go To The Mall." It's one of those songs that is nearly impossible to get out of your head once you hear it. She talks about jelly bracelets and cool graffiti coats... honestly, what more could one want out of a Robin Sparkles song.

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6 Daddy Issues Robin

It is no shocker that Robin has major daddy issues. Her dad always wanted a son and refused to treat Robin like a girl. She spent her entire childhood trying to please him and act like the son he never got to have. He dropped her into the woods from a helicopter to fend for herself for a couple of days—it doesn't seem like the most typical father/daughter relationship. That's what makes Ted comparing him to a Slytherin so perfect. Robin's dad is easily the scariest HIMYM character.

5 Mean Robin

Robin operates differently than the other characters of HIMYM. Her ability to be herself while simultaneously saying something nice is pretty impossible. It's not that she is a hateful person, but Robin just gives it to you straight. She believes there is no time like the present, so why not just say exactly how you feel? Robin does not do all the wishy-washy stuff, and that's even more reason to love her.

4 Stoic Robin

"I don't really feelings." A solid Robin mood. There is nobody who deals wit emotion worse than Robin. Ted, Marshall, and Lily are all full of emotions always. Then there is Barney who is just on a completely different playing field, but nonetheless as deep-rooted feelings.

Robin, however, can't seem to wrap her mind around the idea of having and showing her feelings. Most of the time, Robin is stumbling between her words when it comes to truly revealing how she feels about a situation. Although it is easier for her to just speak her mind and lay down the law, if things get too vulnerable she just clams right up.

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3 Dog Mom Robin

Robin has her fair share of quirks, issues, and crazy moments, but she also can be so relatable at times. One thing that makes her extremely easy to relate to is her love for her dogs.

This picture of Robin is just too good. It is a little hard to believe that someone who is not super emotional could have such a strong connection to her animals, but we love that Robin is such an animal lover—it really makes her that much cooler.

2 Patrice-Hating Robin

There have never been more opposite characters than Patrice and Robin. Patrice is bubbly, helpful, and likes to bake treats for people out of the goodness of her heart. Robin is...  well, none of those things.  There has never been a concrete reason as to why Robin dislikes Patrice so much, but she certainly has made her stance on the matter known. No matter how many times Robin screams at Patrice, Patrice remains as sweet as ever. Which only annoys Robin more.

1 Perfect Ending Robin

Most fans of How I Met Your Mother can all agree that the ending wasn't exactly what they were hoping for. Robin herself (Cobie Smulders) has her own thoughts on what should have happened to Robin in the finale of the series. Robin on a motorcycle with Barney, putting out a cigarette and riding off into the sunset. Honestly, that is a clearly winning ending compared to what actually happened. Robin and Barney riding off into the sunset...why did that not actually happen?

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