How I Met Your Mother: Robin's 5 Best Outfits (& 5 Worst)

Robin from How I Met Your Mother has had a ton of great outfits to show off Cobie Smulders. But sometimes they were bad. Here's her best & worst.

How I Met Your Mother was a huge part of our lives for nine years. Ted, Barney, Robin, Lily, and Marshall were the friendship group we all wanted to be the sixth member of, and we stuck by them through the many relationship highs and lows. Robin Scherbatsky, in particular, had her fair share of relationship woes – mostly thanks to Ted and Barney. But whatever life threw at her, her style never suffered.

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Over the nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother, Robin consistently kills it in the fashion department. Whether it’s having a few casual drinks in MacLaren's or doing her thing on live television, her fashion choices were (almost) always on point. Taking a look at her style evolution over the years, here are 5 of her best outfits and 5 of her worst.

10 Best: Her office looks

Robin may not have a typical 9-5 office job, but she does make an appearance in the newsroom from time to time, where she always brings her best fashion game. Her choice of silk shirts and waist-hugging skirts are the epitome of office chic.

9 Worst: This red sweater vest and yellow button-up

We thought it would be difficult to find an outfit that Robin couldn't pull off... until this happened. The colors alone resemble McDonald’s fries packaging, and the fit does nothing for her incredible frame – not to mention the strange pattern happening across the sweater vest. All in all, this look does not live up to the Robin Scherbatsky fashion standards that we're used to seeing.

8 Best: This light blue dress


This figure-hugging blue dress was a real head-turner when she wore it to MacLaren's in the show’s final episode. While fans may not have been happy with how things turned out for Robin in the finale, we can all agree that she finished the show looking as flawless as she started.

7 Worst: The Robin Sparkles look

Before Robin Scherbatsky became a successful news anchor and early-morning talk show host, she was teenage Canadian pop star Robin Sparkles. With hits such as “Let’s Go To The Mall” and “Sandcastles In The Sand,” Robin’s alter ego became a national icon – and not just for her catchy songs.

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Robin Sparkles had some eye-catching trademark looks, mostly consisting of denim-on-denim outfits, voluminous hairstyles completed with bright headbands and flashy bows, along with many tacky accessories. These looks are so far removed from the sleek style that Robin Scherbatsky’s known for, and we can only blame it on 90s Canadian pop culture.

6 Best: This white leather trim dress

Another winning dress from Robin, who seems to make all the right fashion choices in the final season. She may be on the countdown to her wedding day – and facing many mishaps along the way – but she never lets that affect her chic signature style. Can we also add how aesthetically pleasing it is when she and Barney are color-coordinated?

5 Worst: The Robbin Daggers look

In Season 8's episode, “P.S. I Love You,” the gang finds out that Robin had an obsession with a mysterious older man when she was younger, resulting in the birth of Robin Sparkle’s rebellious alter-ego Robin Daggers. Daggers was a troubled teen, and her dark side was evident both in her music and her image, expressing herself through dark, grungy, oversized clothing.

Unsurprisingly, fans didn’t show the same appreciation for Robin Daggers’ music as they did for Sparkles' and her career short-lived.

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4 Worst: This unflattering white and black shirt

Season 7 Episode 12 is an emotional one, so we can cut Robin a break here. The heartbreaking, "Symphony of Illumination," revolves around future Robin explaining to her children how she told their dad she was pregnant.

While Robin did think she was pregnant, she later finds out that this isn’t true, to which she responses with initial relief. That is until the doctor gives her the additional news that she can’t ever have children. If you didn’t tear up at the end of this episode, then you aren’t human.

3 Best: The floor-length red dress

In Season 8’s, “The Final Page, Part 2,” Robin finds out that Barney is going to propose to Patrice, so she goes to the roof where she thinks he’s going to do it. When she gets there, she finds a piece of paper on the ground, which has a play from Barney’s infamous Playbook on it. This one is titled, “The Robin.”

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“The Robin” explains how everything Barney had done the past few weeks was all a play to finally win her. When she turns the page over, the words, “Hope she says yes,” are written, and when Robin looks up, Barney is kneeling with an engagement ring. While it could be assumed that Robin was wearing this stunning dress in anticipation of the occasion, she was actually supposed to go to Ted’s building opening instead. This floor-length gown is one of Robin’s strongest looks to date, and we’re so glad it became her engagement dress.

2 Worst: Her sweats

Definitive proof that Robin is, in fact, human. After breaking up with Don in Season 6, Robin does what the rest of us do when we get our hearts broken – lie in our sweats all day and stuff our faces with junk food.

Of course, Robin is far too fabulous to keep this up for long and she makes a triumphant return to the dating scene in no time, and subsequently back into her flawless outfits.

1 Best: Her wedding dress

Robin and Barney getting married was a monumental event. Not only were viewers kept on their toes with many will-they-won’t-they moments throughout the last few seasons of the show, but there was also the added perplexities of Robin and Barney’s various partners in between.

While fans criticized the decision for the entire final season to be based around the big day, it was almost worth it to see Robin’s stunning wedding dress.

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