How I Met Your Mother: 10 Hilarious Marshall Memes That Are Too Funny

How I Met Your Mother

While Barney Stinson was considered the breakout character of How I Met Your Mother, Marshall Eriksen was a solid supporting character in his own right, and was criminally overlooked for his contributions to the show. Marshall packed in a bunch of catchphrases and mannerisms that have become ingrained within a many fan of the series, and this has ushered in hilarious Marshall memes. 

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Since Marshall was the most wholesome character of the group of friends, his memes are those that can be enjoyed best without anyone feeling they might be mature in content. Here are 10 memes that will best describe the man known as Big Fudge.

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10 How Dare You!

For those who don’t know, Marshall has a deep love for the Lochness Monster, so much so that he refuses to even call her a monster. Nessie, as Marshall affectionately calls her, is a gentle creature who is misunderstood. 

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In fact, Marshall and Lily went on their honeymoon just so Marshall could spot Nessie. Clearly, his belief of her existence is 100%. And the person who made this meme understands Marshall completely, because this is exactly how he would react if one were to tell them the Lochness Monster isn’t real.

9 Going To Philly!

For the first three seasons, Marshall was way up to his ears in debt because of student loans to become a lawyer, and he would spend his days studying as much as he could. In a Season 1 episode, though, he decided going to “Philly” was worth bunking off his studies and headed over there in his car. 

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As we know, Marshall loves singing about everything he does and gets overly enthusiastic about it. And yet, it’s hard not to feel Marshall’s excitement, since he makes everything sound so much fun. Those who watched How I Met Met Your Mother would definitely have Philly as their preferred choice over Disneyland.

8 Not One Decent Picture

Quite a few years ago, there was a meme trending of a handsome guy who looked just as radiant at the end of a marathon as he would on his wedding day; Marshall is the opposite of that man. 

Except for a select few moments, Marshall can never take a good picture. He doesn’t even get an exception for his wedding day, as he looks like an uncle in the middle of a rant in his wedding photo with Lily. No matter how much Marshall tries, he still ends up looking like someone’s thumbed him in the eye before taking a picture.

7 It's Gonna Be Fun

It’s a guarantee that any How I Met Your Mother fan worth their salt will at least let out a chuckle at this meme. That’s because the mind instantly goes to Marshall’s addiction at making montages covering various mundane events. 

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This reached its limit when Marshall made a collage of Lily’s mother’s cat, inadvertently causing its death. It didn’t stop there, however, as Marshall followed that up by making a montage of the “Cat Funeral.” This was complete with a tribute to Mr. Whiskers, and a chorus that highlighted that his death was an accident and not entirely Marshall’s fault.

6 So Much For Best Burger

One of the greatest ever episodes from the series was when Marshall hauled the friends around New York City so he could have the best burger ever made. Even though they came across a bunch of restaurants that had tasty burgers, Marshall was adamant they find the right one and forced his friends not to eat. 

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After they finally did find that restaurant, though, we never saw another reference to it. Thereafter, Marshall was very happy to eat burgers at MacLaren’s or any other place that had burgers. So, what was the point of that great burger search?

5 That Eriksen Gene

Earlier on, How I Met Your Mother chose to have child actors portray the characters in their youth during flashbacks, but then realized making the actual actors play the kid versions was a whole lot funnier. 

The problem with this approach was that there was a serious continuity discrepancy. This is best seen in two contrasting flashbacks — the first one has 13-year-old Marshall look like any normal teenager, but the 15-year-old looks like he swallowed an aging potion. Then again, the show has made it a point that the Eriksen gene is something to behold, so maybe that’s justification enough.

4 Best Night Ever

The only way fans of the series ever came to know about Gouda cheese in the first place was because Marshall made it popular. Having no clue how to entertain other couples, Marshall took to offering Gouda as the ice breaker. 

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Unfortunately for him, Gouda didn’t accomplish anything other than make him look like a guy obsessed with cheese, and we’re now left with memes that don’t require any effort other than mentioning “Gouda!” to make them funny. After all, you do read it in Marshall’s overzealous voice.

3 Selfie Bros

Marshall’s desperation at finding his couple best friend didn’t stop at just Gouda, as he would become clingy to the point where boundaries meant nothing to him. It’s a good thing Instagram wasn’t a thing back when Marshall and Lily had Robin and Barney over, otherwise social media would’ve been abuzz. 

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Who says it’s only girls who can snap an awesome selfie? Here, Marshall shows that even guys have it in them to rock their selfie game, although it would’ve been better had Barney not looked like he was ready to jump out the window out of exasperation.

2 You Tell 'Em, Marshall

This was Marshall’s catchphrase during the show, as he was known to use his skills as a lawyer to win arguments and cap off the winning moment by uttering this word. After he became a judge, perhaps he went ahead and legalized the use of this word in courtrooms.

1 Big Fudge Has Spoken

Marshall was given a lot of aliases and titles during the show, but the one that stuck the most was Big Fudge. Considering he was the definition of a gentle giant, this was an appropriate nickname for Marshall. 

When he became a judge, Marshall himself came up with the title of Judge Fudge, as he decided to embrace the nickname. He even allowed the usage of Fudge Supreme to be used as an evolved version of being a judge; and it’s a shame we didn’t get to see him in a courtroom, where a weak deposition garnered a response of “Not good enough!” from Judge Fudge.

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