How I Met Your Mother: 10 Hilarious Lily Memes That Are Just Perfect

If you watched CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, you know the character Lily, played by Alyson Hannigan, quite well. And you might have even felt some connection to her as if you two were long lost friends. She’s the kind of girl you want to be friends with: sweet, kind, and innocent. But also with an amazing sense of humor. That said, don’t upset her or you’ll feel the wrath.

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Interestingly, she’s the least meme-worthy of the main cast members, which also include Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), Ted (Josh Radnor), Robin (Cobie Smulders), and Marshall (Jason Segel). While the Internet is flooded with hilarious memes featuring these characters, from Barney’s signature phrases “suit up” or “challenge accepted,” to those featuring the hidden child pop star Robin Sparkles, and others mocking Ted’s inability to tell a story in less than nine years, there isn’t much around the equally funny Lily. But we scoured the Internet and found these 10 gems that were totally worth sharing.

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10 Angel Wings

Lily was an amazing wife to Marshall who put her career dreams on hold for him to follow his (even if she went through a phase where she questioned that decision). She was always there for her friends, then became a wonderful mother to their son.

This meme might seem more touching than hilarious. But what makes it funny is the expression on Lily’s face in the bottom shot, though it clearly shows her going through an emotional moment with her husband. However, eagle-eyed fans might notice (as did the person who created this meme) that the front of her jacket sort of looks like wings. Hmm…

9 Baby in My Belly

Anyone who watched the show knows that these are the exact words Lily said to Marshall when she decided that she wanted to have kids. Only Lily would deliver this decision in such an adorable fashion to her equally adorable husband (they really were the cutest couple on TV, weren’t they?)

We’ll bet this meme, or at least these words, were shared by lots of couples who were fans of the show and decided it was time to pro-create and add a new little one to their family. And they probably laughed while saying it, too, recalling the touching moment from the series.

8 What Did You Just Say?

So this meme focuses on Marshall talking about a girl someone (probably Barney) is referring to as a slut. Lily is clearly not approving of his use of this derogatory word. But what’s most hilarious is that this is something Lily might actually say herself.

Lily was quite open with her opinions about the people that Barney, Ted, or Robin dated. And while she might not always be so loose-lipped, what’s hilarious about this meme is the look of shock she’s giving her usually sweet husband Marshall.

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7 Dress Like Lily

As an elementary school teacher, Lily dealt with kids all day, so sometimes, that meant coming home with, yes, paint on her clothing. But this scene induced plenty of laughs given the strategically placed handprint.

Lily was always somewhat conservatively dressed, with bright colors that you’d call cute versus sexy. But this look? It’s probably her funniest, combined with the disapproving, exasperated look on her face. Clearly, she had a bad day at work. And we can all relate to that.

6 Too Much Energy Drink

As mentioned above, Lily was the sweetest girl ever. But if you crossed her, or something made her genuinely upset, she could fly off the rails. Remember her attitude and actions during Barney and Robin’s wedding when she was upset about Marshall taking a judgeship without talking to her first?

The meme is hilariously perfect with its caption that likens Lily positioning herself atop a moving car, screaming in anger, to a wife who drinks too much energy drink. Sure, some might consider it offensive. But truly, it’s just downright hilarious.

5 Hurting People

OK, this one might have you scratching your head, but it really is funny. Lily loved animals, but even so, her statement that she wants to hurt people not animals is funny, but so typically Lily. Of course, she doesn’t mean it literally, but that’s what makes it so funny.

But adding the second image of human bodies with animal heads is just creepily hilarious. We wonder what Lily might say when presented with these odd creatures. How could she possibly decide?

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4 Love Like Lily and Marshall

OK, at first glance, this meme will just elicit tons of “awws” at the super cute couple. They really were relationship goals. But the image combined with the white text overtop looks almost like an ad for perfume, which makes it super funny.

How did no one jump on these two to be spokespersons for their perfume or cologne, flower delivery service, chocolates, or some other romantically-related product? There was clearly a lot of missed marketing potential there.

3 Relationship Goals

Another meme focused on the adorable relationship between Lily and Marshall, this one perfectly personifies how cheesy yet cute their courtship was. Donning matching ugly Christmas sweaters wasn’t enough for these two.

When they go out, they go all out in the most hilarious ways. So instead, they wore two sweaters that link together to create the entire reindeer. One shirt doesn’t work without the other, just like them. Now, why did poor Lily have to get the butt? That makes the image even more hilarious, and totally meme-worthy.

2 Son of a B***

Just looking at the image might make you want to burst out laughing as you picture Lilly actually muttering those words, lips pursed and eyebrows furrowed in anger.

This was one of Lily’s many signature phrases, and one she doled out in her signature quick-whispered style whenever she was upset (usually not seriously upset) at someone. Even in her anger, Lily still looked so cute and adorable, you almost wanted to laugh. It’s hardly believable that she would have used such foul language either.

1 Sexy Calves

Any fan of the show will remember the episode from season 2 when Lily and Marshall broke up (briefly) then had to see one another during a dinner with Ted’s parents. While Lily tried to make Marshall jealous by showing off her breasts in her dress and acting provocatively to show him what he was missing, Marshall retaliated by wearing pants with unzippable kneelines to brunch the next day. When Lily saw his calves, she found them totally irresistible and she couldn’t hold in her lust any longer.

So this meme is perfect, describing Lily’s strange attraction to her husband’s calves, and how one might feel just like her should they find themselves looking longingly at a man’s or woman’s lower legs. Really? Calves?

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