10 Gifts For The Fan That Misses How I Met Your Mother


How I Met Your Mother bid us farewell on March 31, 2014 with a controversial ending that is still subject of discussion among fans of the show. But, regardless of whether you loved the finale or it made you want to punch things, it doesn't change the fact that How I Met Your Mother is one of the best sitcoms of our time.

It's been five years since the show went off the air and sometimes we find ourselves missing the crazy adventures of Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily, and Robin. If you have a friend in your life who also gets nostalgic about How I Met Your Mother, here are some cool gifts that are guaranteed to make them smile.

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The Blue French Horn made its first appearance in the “Pilot”, in which Ted and Robin go on their first date to a restaurant called “Carmichaels” where the Blue French Horn is hung up on the wall. Robin mentions how she’d like to have it in her apartment, and, of course, Ted steals it for her. The Blue French Horn kept returning in Ted and Robin storylines. In the last shot of the season finale, we see Ted holding the Blue French Horn in front of Robin’s window, again.

If you have a HIMYM fan you’d like to make happy, then we suggest getting them this awesome Blue French Horn. Standing at 4’’ tall, this cool prop will look awesome on any desk or shelf.



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Barney Stinson lives by a strict code of conduct that he calls The Bro Code. The Bro Code contains all kind of rules and laws that have appeared throughout the show, such as “bros before ho’s”, The Platinum Rule, The Hot/Crazy Scale, The Lemon Law and many more. Aside from the Bro Code articles, the book also answers the important question of what is a bro, includes a brocabulary and a glossary, as well as the origin of the code.

If you have a bro who’s a big HIMYM fan, this is the best gift you can get him. Only through studying The Bro Code can one achieve true Bro-dom.



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Everyone’s got keys, so a cool keychain is always a good and useful gift. Especially, if the person you’re buying the gift for is one of those people who put like a dozen keychains on their keys – you know who you are. And how fortuitous it is that the iconic Blue French Horn from How I Met Your Mother makes for an excellent keychain.

This one comes with a special dedication on the box, so it’s ideal for your significant other. Actions speak louder than words, and this stunning gift will surely get the message across.



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If the Blue French Horn is a symbol of Ted and Robin’s relationship, then the Yellow Umbrella is a symbol of Ted and Tracy’s relationship. For years, the yellow umbrella has haunted our thoughts. One of the few details we knew about the mother was that she had a yellow umbrella, so whenever said item would pop up on our screens, we were on high alert.

Spotting the yellow umbrella became an obsession that often transferred into our real lives. If you have a friend who’s a HIMYM fan, they probably wanted to own a yellow umbrella at least once. Here's your chance to make it happen.



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How I Met Your Mother is a show that thrived on running gags. From the Yellow Umbrella to the Blue French Horn, to the Pineapple Incident, the show created countless legendary pop culture references that are still around. While most items feature one reference to the show, this awesome mug has a whole bunch of them.

You want catchphrases? Well, you got ‘em: suit up, true story, challenge accepted, and more. You want unforgettable items? The mug has it all: the umbrella, the pineapple, even the goat makes an appearance. The HIMYM mug is an ideal gift for your coffee-loving friend who just can’t get over how awesome this show was.



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From the best-selling author of The Bro Code, comes every bro’s ultimate guide when it comes to scoring with the ladies, The Playbook. In the words of Barney Stinson himself, “The Playbook contains every scam, con, hustle, hoodwink, gambit, flimflam, stratagem and bamboozle I’ve ever used – or hoped to use – to pick up chicks and give them the business”.

Packed with all kinds of elaborate ploys like the unforgettable Lorenzo Von Matterhorn, the ridiculous “SNASA”, the hilarious “He’s Not Coming”, and of course the crème the la crème The Scuba Diver. The Playbook is the perfect gift for your single bro.



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Barney Stinson had many catchphrases, including the one you see printed on this awesome T-shirt: “legen – wait for it – dary”. Everything about Barney, everything he did, everything he talked about was either awesome, legendary or both (mostly both). He’d often drag the gang to ridiculous events, keep them up partying the whole night, all in pursuit of legendary.

As fans of the show, we’ve all used Barney’s catchphrases, especially legendary, quite often. You might say we even became a bit too liberal with it. This T-shirt is the perfect gift for HIMYM fans who also can’t stop saying “legendary”.



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The first thing any HIMYM fan absolutely must have is the complete series. Today, more than ever, when most classic shows are available on some streaming service, owning the physical copy of your favorite series makes you feel good like you’ve proven your love of the show somehow. Plus, it’s nice to have your favorite show displayed on your shelf.

Any fan of How I Met Your Mother would be thrilled to get this awesome set as a gift. With the complete series, you get to relive the entire story, as well as some cool special features.



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One of the many crazy ideas the gang has come up with over the years was a bar named Puzzles. Why Puzzles? That’s the puzzle. In the season four episode “Three Days of Snow”, Ted and Barney end up taking charge of MacLaren’s and we flashback to when they came up with Puzzles. And in the season seven episode “Tailgate”, the two actually open Puzzles in Ted’s apartment, but quickly regret their decision.

Remember kids, there are several five-word phrases people regret saying, and “we should buy a bar” is one of them. Perhaps it’s better to get this awesome Puzzles glass instead, pour yourself a glass of whatever you like to drink and start the HIMYM re-watch.



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In season seven, Barney loses a bet to Marshall and Lily and ends up having to wear Marshall’s ducky tie for a whole year. The ducky tie appeared in a number of season seven episodes. Barney tried everything to get rid of it and managed to shorten his sentence but at the high cost of three extra slaps being added to Marshall in the long-running slap bet.

The ducky tie became yet another popular symbol of the show, like the yellow umbrella, the pineapple, the goat, Ted’s red cowboy boots – boy, there sure are a lot of these. If you want to help your bro look his best then the ducky tie is the perfect gift.

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