New How I Met Your Mother Spinoff in Development

Though a previous How I Met Your Mother spinoff failed to move forward, a new series, How I Met Your Father, is in development.

How I Met Your Mother Original Series Cast

From 2005 to 2014, more than 200 episodes of How I Met Your Mother aired on CBS. The show was not an instant success, but gained a loyal following and through its nine seasons, the series averaged at least 8 million viewers per episode in each season. How I Met Your Mother also gained acceptance from critics and was nominated for numerous awards during its run; it was nominated for 28 Emmy Awards, winning nine during its run.

Prior to the airing of its last episode in 2014, a spinoff of How I Met Your Mother had been announced with CBS ordering a pilot episode for How I Met Your Dad. However, the network ended up not ordering the show to series in what was seen as a surprising move. For fans that have been going through How I Met Your Mother withdrawal since the finale, good news may be on the horizon. A new spinoff focusing on a woman's point point of view has emerged from a different writing team.

Deadline is reporting that a spinoff titled How I Met Your Father is now in development. The new version of the show is being created by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, the co-executive producers of hit NBC show This Is Us. Additionally, How I Met Your Mother creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas will serve as executive producers.

How I Met Your Mother Reunion

One aspect to watch as How I Met Your Father develops is whether the script is ordered to pilot and, if so, at which network with series will eventually land. According to Deadline, the show doesn’t necessarily have to air on CBS, which means the new series could see a battle for the rights, considering how successful This Is Us has become for NBC.

The final episode of How I Met Your Mother was the most watched in the series' history with 12.9 million viewers, including an impressive 5.3 rating in the highly coveted 18 to 49 demographic. Fans of the series may be eagerly awaiting a spinoff -- or a How I Met Your Mother reunion, which co-star Jason Segal has said he is open to doing.

Like How I Met Your Dad, How I Met Your Father is different from a traditional spinoff, since it wouldn't feature any of the characters from How I Met Your Mother; rather, it will implement the same storytelling premise, this time from a woman's perspective. Without any connection to How I Met Your Mother, this new series may struggle to find an audience among fans of the original series. But, How I Met Your Father will first need to proceed to the pilot stage, then be picked up to series, before TV viewers will get the chance to see whether or not the spinoff honors the original show.

We’ll keep you updated on How I Met Your Father as more information becomes available.

Source: Deadline

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