How I Met Your Father Isn't Guaranteed to Air On CBS

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Back in 2005, CBS introduced viewers to Ted Mosby and his lovable band of New York friends with How I Met Your Mother, a sitcom that traced the story of how Mosby met his children’s mother. The show wasn’t exactly an instant hit, but it gained a loyal following across its nine seasons.

Ahead of the series’ 2014 finale, the network had ordered a pilot for How I Met Your Dad, a spin-off that was set to tell things from the female point of view — but with an entirely new set of characters. In a surprising move, CBS didn’t pick up the offshoot for a series order. The channel offered to redevelop the show, but they couldn’t agree on terms with production company 20th Century Fox, and it ultimately fell through. Then, in December, news emerged that a similar project, How I Met Your Father, was in development from a different writing team.

Now, Deadline reports that CBS is interested in revisiting the updated spin-off, though it’s not a guarantee. The script is still being written by This Is Us executive producers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, and has yet to be taken out by the studio. “We haven’t seen anything, we haven’t been pitched anything,” CBS entertainment president Glenn Geller told Deadline at the Television Critics Association panel on Monday. “I’m excited to read it when it’s finished, and it could potentially be a project for us.”

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According to Deadline, How I Met Your Father will follow the same premise outlined by How I Met Your Dad: an ensemble comedy with a woman’s perspective, plus a fresh set of on-screen faces. Though the reasons why How I Met Your Dad faltered remain unclear, the narrative is in good hands with Aptaker and Berger. This Is Us proved an instant breakout when it premiered last September, and it’s already picked up several award nominations only midway through its first season.

Still, How I Met Your Father will have to overcome some challenging obstacles if it makes it past development. How I Met Your Mother’s last episode aired nearly three years ago, and its twist finale drew a polarized reaction from fans. How I Met Your Father is already at risk of alienating viewers by including an entirely new cast, so landing at the original HIMYM network could prove its saving grace. For now, the project’s team will need to focus on getting the series off the ground before they start shopping it around.

We’ll keep you updated on How I Met Your Father as more information becomes available.

Source: Deadline

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