CBS Orders Pilot for 'How I Met Your Dad' Spin-Off Series

After weeks of rumors, CBS has officially ordered a pilot for the 'How I Met Your Mother' spin-off titled 'How I Met Your Dad.'

How I Met Your Mother Alyson Hannigan Jason Segel Cobie Smulders Josh Radnor Neil Patrick Harris

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Despite their often maligned reputation, television spin-off series are not always cynical or low-quality affairs. Cheers gave way to the long-running Frasier; Buffy the Vampire Slayer birthed the well-liked Angel; and Happy Days left behind the fondly remembered Laverne and Shirley and Mork and Mindy.

That said, news of a beloved series planning to spin off into another property is still greeted with trepidation. Such was the case when the Internet caught wind of a planned How I Met Your Mother spin-off, set to trace the story from the perspective of the titular mother. Now, How I Met Your Dad has been confirmed to be in the works – no doubt the television-watching community on the Web will have some choice commentary.

THR reports that CBS has officially ordered a pilot episode of How I Met Your Dad, with a possible series dependent on the pilot's success when it airs in the fall of 2014. The pilot script will be written by Emily Spivey (Up All Night) along with current How I Met Your Mother creators Craig Thomas (Da Ali G Show) and Carter Bays (The Goodwin Games).

As previously hinted, How I Met Your Dad will feature an entirely new cast of characters and will center on the mother hinted at in the central premise of the previous series. Of course, the new show will take place in the same "universe" as How I Met Your Mother, so it seems likely that the two will cross over at some point during the series' (currently hypothetical) run.

How I Met Your Mother Jason Segel Cobie Smulders Josh Radnor Neil Patrick Harris

It's difficult to argue that the decision to green-light How I Met Your Dad comes from anything but CBS's anxiety over losing one of its major ratings anchors when How I Met Your Mother finally comes to a close. Over the years, How I Met Your Mother has assembled a great comedic ensemble with an impressive chemistry. After sweeping all that away, how will its successor be able lure Mother's audience back for another round?

Of course, the creators behind How I Met Your Dad are both talented and so closely related to the original production that a sense of continuity between the two will be guaranteed. Additionally, a completely new cast and storyline offer just as many opportunities for success as they do pitfalls.

It remains to be seen whether How I Met Your Dad will be come into its own and linger in the social consciousness like The Jeffersons, or fade into an obscure curio such as Joey. What are your thoughts, Screen Rant readers? Will you be watching?


How I Met Your Dad will likely air on CBS in late 2014.

Source: THR

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