How To Get Away With Murder Season 4 Finale Recap

How To Get Away With Murder’s season 4 finale brought another action-packed season to a close – here’s a recap for “Nobody Else Is Dying.”

How To Get Away With Murder season 4

How To Get Away With Murder’s season 4 finale brought another blistering edition of the Shondaland legal drama to a close – here’s a recap of “Nobody Else Is Dying”. How To Get Away With Murder has never been a show that held back on the drama and its fourth season was no different. It was the season that gave fans the long-awaited Scandal crossover episode and finally put Colin and Oliver - or ‘Coliver’ according to their shippers - on the path to marital bliss. It saw Laurel give birth to her and the late Wes’ baby, but also saw the sprog almost immediately whisked away by her gas-lighting father Jorge.

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It’s safe to say the How To Get Away With Murder season 4 finale had a lot of loose ends to tie up, and while it brought closure to some storylines, it also dangled a few brand-new mysteries too. It was a relief to see Bonnie was actually alive after her death being teased the episode prior to “Nobody Else Is Dying.” Rather, it was district attorney Todd Denver who died, which was convenient considering Nate discovered he was keeping files on Annalise Keating and her crew and presumably had a lot of dirt on them. Nate’s discovery also revealed info that suggested Bonnie’s baby might actually be alive, but more on that later.

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The How To Get Away With Murder season 4 finale also saw the conclusion of a couple of plot strands from the show’s Scandal crossover. On the upside, Annalise won the class-action lawsuit Olivia Pope helped her with, but Asher and Michaela broke up thanks to her tryst with Scandal’s Marcus Walker. Proving she’s on a morally downward trajectory, Michaela later dealt with the problem of Simon ratting on them by shopping him to ICE in the hope he’ll be deported to Pakistan.

Elsewhere, Laurel finally got her baby son back and her father in jail thanks to some negotiating by Annalise. On the downside, Laurel found out her mother Sandrine was involved in Wes’ death and later became a suspect when Sandrine mysteriously disappeared shortly after mother and daughter met up. A later scene revealed Laurel was sporting scratches and cuts on her arms, suggesting something violent went down between her and Sandrine before the latter’s disappearance.

At the very end of How To Get Away With Murder season 4, the show introduced its biggest and juiciest new mystery. While Frank is touring Middleton University as a prospective student, he hears a familiar name – Gabriel Maddox – and makes a phone call to an unknown party to tell them “Her kid is here.” Could it be Bonnie’s kid whose existence Nate potentially uncovered? Or did Annalise’s child somehow survive? Stranger things have happened on How To Get Away With Murder but fans would have to wait until season 6 for answers.

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