How The Flash TV Series Will Differ from Arrow

Ernie Hudson Joins The Flash as Detective West

With Arrow in its second season and only growing in popularity, the time is ripe for DC to capitalize and add to their burgeoning TV universe. Late last summer, it was announced Arrow producers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim were developing a new series for The CW based on The Flash, with the intention being to introduce him on Arrow season 2 before he appears in his own series next fall.

Barry Allen made his debut (played by Grant Gustin) in the Arrow season 2 two-episode arc - "The Scientist" and "Three Ghosts - and CW execs were so happy with it that they scrapped plans for a backdoor pilot and gave the go ahead for a full pilot instead. Since then, we've seen a bunch of casting announcements (Reverse-Flash, Iris West, Vibe, etc.) and now we're hearing from the showrunner about what we can expect from the new superhero series.Talking with Digital Spy, showrunner Berlanti talked about how The Flash will differ from Arrow by contrasting the series' stars:

"Barry is different from Oliver (Stephen Amell). He's a man of science and has more of a sci-fi bent, whereas Arrow has a bit more of a crime bent.

"We often talk about how Oliver comes off like a pessimist, but deep down he's an optimist and has hope. Barry lost his mother at a very young age, his father was sent to prison for murdering his mom, he went through a lot of stuff - on the surface he's bubbly and upbeat and seems like an optimist, but deep down maybe there's no hope left.

"So they're a really nice contrast to each other and the show functions in that way, I think. Certainly in the pilot script Barry has an effervescence and a lightness, but there's still a dark well beneath that."

Barry and Oliver were a bit at odds during their first meeting. Mostly because Oliver didn't find Barry serious enough for crime work and didn't approve of the flirtatiousness between him and Felicity (whom Oliver has grown very protective of).

Arrow Stephen Amell with Grant Gustin

There's been no official word on whether or not we'll see Barry appear again on Arrow before season 2 is through or if Oliver will guest star on The Flash. Though seeing as how they want to build these series into a shared universe, having characters travel back and forth between Starling City and Central City seems a given.

From the beginning, Arrow was meant to be a more grounded look at DC's emerald archer, and for the most part, super powers have been used in a limited capacity. The Flash series, however, will have super powers in play from the get go.

Berlanti hints at S.T.A.R. Labs playing a larger role in The Flash:

"We've talked a lot on 'Arrow' about the particle collider and Harrison Wells and S.T.A.R. Labs and so you'll see S.T.A.R. Labs as an active part of the show."

Might they be the source of the growing population of superpowered heroes and villains?

How The Flash Will Be Different from Arrow

Whether The Flash gets picked up for a series or not, Gustin will remain Barry Allen for Berlanti:

"Fingers crossed we don't screw it up and he gets his own show! If he didn't, I don't think we would ever want to let Grant go. He's too valuable. That would be our hope, I think - no matter what, to keep Barry part of the universe."

It took almost the entirety of Arrow's first season for fans to warm up and accept Stephen Amell's more modern spin on Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, but Gustin seemed to win over audiences pretty quickly. Hopefully that excitement over seeing Barry Allen on Arrow will spill over to when Gustin first appears as the crimson speedster on his own series.

How did you feel about Gustin's portrayal of Barry on Arrow? Did it make you more or less excited for The Flash getting his own series on the CW? And how do you think the more sci-fi Flash series will stack up against the more crime-oriented Arrow? Let us know in the comments below.

The Flash is expected to air on The CW in the fall of 2014.

Source: Digital Spy

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