Man of Steel Gillette Expert Videos Answer: 'How Does Superman Shave'?

Man of Steel Beard: How Does Superman Shave

Zack Snyder's Man of Steel is quickly becoming one of the most-anticipated films of summer 2013. Plenty of fans were initially skeptical of the Superman reboot but for nearly two years Warner Bros. has been releasing one carefully crafted piece of marketing after another - starting with the official reveal of Henry Cavill in the redesigned Supersuit. Since that time, moviegoers have been treated to everything from full length Man of Steel trailers, behind the scenes photos, to a recent Hardee's fast food commercial.

While comic book fans often roll their eyes at tie-in marketing, the recent hamburger TV spot struck a successful balance, delivering forgivable in-your-face advertising thanks to a humorous concept, a charming reaction from the Man of Steel himself, and some slick CGI landing and flying. Now, the Warner Bros. ad gurus hope to turn one of the most-talked-about questions from the Man of Steel trailer and turn it into an engaging tie-in marketing campaign. So, how exactly does Superman shave his beard?

Nearly every Man of Steel trailer features Henry Cavill shirtless on an oil rig - with a full-on super beard. Of course, this isn't the only time that fans of the comic book series have seen a bearded or stubbled Superman but, given the promise that Man of Steel will sport a "believable" story, Clark Kent's beard became a major point of speculation and contention.

Man of Steel Beard: How Does Superman Shave

In fact, the beard was enough to throw fan-favorite comedian, Conan O'Brien into a full-on geek rant - with the late night talk show host swearing off the movie (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) entirely. Here's what O'Brien had to say, following the release of the second Man of Steel trailer:

In an effort to poke fun at the absurdity of the Superman shaving routine conundrum, Warner Bros. has partnered with razor blade company Gillette in order to offer a range of potential answers to the question.

You can see the Gillette TV spot (which includes new Man of Steel footage) at the top of the page, then check out the "expert" testimonials below - including director/comic book fan Kevin Smith, TV personality/mechanical engineer Bill Nye, actress/neuroscientist Miyam Bialik, as well as Mythbusters Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage :




It's unlikely that Zack Snyder bothers to address the shaving question in the actual Man of Steel film, so in an effort to deliver a "definitive" answer, Gillette has set-up a web portal where Superman fans can vote on which of the above four explanations is their favorite - so head-over to to weigh-in. That said, to find out the favorite among Screen Rant readers, vote in our poll below!

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Man of Steel New Suit Close Up

The Gillette website also features a section where fans can add their own theories - or discuss the various opinions from the panel of "experts." Though, if you're planning on spouting off the popular "he'd burn the hairs using a mirror to reflect his own heat vision" theory, keep in mind that this "grounded" Superman's heat vision would melt terrestrial materials used to form aluminium glass mirrors (and their housing). That is unless he used the Kryptonian glass from his spaceship to protect the aluminum backing - and successfully reflect the heat-vision! Does Kal-El's Man of Steel spaceship have windows? If not, Zod's Black Zero certainly does!

What is your Man of Steel/Superman beard shaving theory?


Man of Steel will hit theaters on June 14, 2013.

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Source: Gillette [via Bleeding Cool]

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