SR Pick [Video]: How Avatar Should Have Ended

How It Should Have Ended has become something of a popular site for skewing some of our favorite - or most hated - movies.

In order to further prove that A) I'm not some luminescent tree-hugging blue hippie, and B) I do acknowledge that Avatar isn't the greatest film ever (just the highest-grossing), I'm going to follow up our recent "Buffalo Bill Avatar review" by posting this new video, "Avatar: How It Should Have Ended".

I'll say upfront: what I appreciate about this video is that it does more than shout the opinion that Avatar's script was weak or that the Na'vi characters and their world, Pandora, looked like CGI cartoons. This video actually does the legwork of pointing out an indisputable narrative flaw in Avatar that not even the biggest Pandora fanatic can deny.

Check it out:

Now that is the kind of actual criticism that makes me go "Heh, you're right about that - no argument here."

The problem with most of the people I've been trading barbs with over Avatar in recent weeks is that they're so caught up in their own opinions (while lambasting me for being caught up in mine) that they never bother to cite some actual evidence to back their opinions. Thank goodness for videos like these...

Back to the subject at hand: why the hell did Jake Sully never tell the Na'vi that the humans were after unobtanium? He doomed both Na'vi and humans to death in some big battle without ever letting the Na'vi decide for themselves what they were truly willing to fight for. It's kind of a condescending way to portray an indigenous people when you think about it. Luckily for James Cameron, we were all to0 busy arguing about the quality of the CGI and/or  Dances With Wolves to notice.

You win this round, Mr. Cameron!

Avatar is still making a killing at the box office as we speak.

Source: How It Should Have Ended

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