How About Two Joker Posters? Plus, Trailer Update!

Though Iron Man is my favorite character (I'm very pumped up for the movie), Batman is tied with Captain America for my second favorite. Considering Batman Begins has become one of my all-time favorite characters, I'm excited for the sequel. So far, things are looking great.

So, what about an official, non-YouTube-recorded-off-a-cell-phone version of the new trailer, which can be seen in theatres attached to I Am Legend? (With the six minute prologue attached to the IMAX version of I Am Legend.) Ain't It Cool News is reporting it may be found on yet another viral site, found at (Note: There's several quotes in Batman Begins about theatricality.) We'll know perhaps by Sunday night!

Like Paramount's strategy for the second Cloverfield second trailer attached to Beowulf, I think Warner Bros. is waiting for the first weekend box office for I Am Legend to pass before premiering the trailer online, thus forcing us fans to see the Will Smith-starrer to catch the trailer, thus putting more cash in the studios' bank accounts. Clever, huh? (They did something similar with The Phantom Menace's first trailer when Fox attached it to the horrible Wing Commander movie.)

Larger versions after the jump.

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