'House' To End After Season 8; 'Amazing' Series Finale Promised

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After 8 years on the air, the time has finally come for Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital to close its doors for good, as House creator David Shore, producer Katie Jacobs, and star Hugh Laurie jointly announced that Fox's ground-breaking medical drama will come to an end after this season.

But fear not, as executive producer Greg Yaitanes revealed via Twitter that an "amazing series finale" (written and directed by Shore) is awaiting fans when the series takes its final bow on May 21st.

Releasing a statement that certainly acknowledges the love that everyone at House has for their fans, Shore, Jacobs, and Laurie further explain their decision to finally bring House to a close:

House season 8 premiere - prison riot

While certainly sad for everyone who has watched House over the years, the announcement of the series coming to an end isn't surprising. Even though ratings have slipped in recent seasons, it was the overall lack of focus and direction that was worrying to longtime viewers.

Despite House presenting one the most brilliant handlings of character coupling in television history during the season 7 premiere, the rest of the season played out like a film school experiment, where abstract storytelling and unique visuals took the series away from its strength of grounding its characters and relationships in a world filled with mystery and intrigue.

House Season 7 - House & Cuddy

And while many fans may have given up on the series at some point, anyone who has ever enjoyed an episode of House should absolutely tune in to the series finale. Why? Because there's an end in sight.

For any television series, there comes a time when continuously writing progressing storylines becomes difficult. When there's no end to a series in sight, you're not building towards anything, just merely attempting to create new levels of evolution – which, for all intents and purposes, can be difficult for the writers if they're not even sure where the evolution is supposed to lead.

Even a series such as Lost felt the strain of continuing a story with no end in sight. During season 3 of the series, which saw the majority of the characters imprisoned by "The Others" for many episodes, series creator Damon Lindelof admitted that he put everyone in that situation simply because the characters had nowhere to go – not until ABC would agree to an end to the series.

And now, just like everyone's favorite "Losties," Dr. Gregory House has a place to go, and an end to work towards.

The only thing fans can now hope for is for Lisa Edelstein to return for the House series finale - because that would certainly make it "amazing."

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House airs Mondays @8pm on Fox.

The House series finale will air Monday, May 21.

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