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To say that last night’s sixth season finale of House was shocking would be an understatement. If it wasn’t Hannah’s ambulance ride that had your heart pounding, I’m sure the moment where House and Cuddy kissed certainly did.

However, fans have been through this before and they’re not just going to believe that what’s happening is real. Some believe that this could be a hallucination brought on by the fact that House, in fact, did take Vicodin.

So, in order to help calm some of the fans' fears that this is but a mere fallacy, executive producer Katie Jacobs steps in and talks all about House and Cuddy’s relationship, where they may (or may not) take it as the series continues into its seventh season and whether this is a short or long-term endeavor.

Take a look at what Jacobs has to say about House and Cuddy's relationship below.

On whether this is real or just another hallucination:

“This is real and something that they are going to try. It’s something they stayed away from for a long period of time because it’s dangerous and the consequences could be severe. But now they’re going to give it a try.”

On how they’re going to handle in seventh season premiere:

“Does the audience want us to pick up two or three months later? Or is the audience interested in us [picking up right where we left off]? And it’s really dependent on the narrative. Last year when House checked himself into the psychiatric hospital, I felt like it wouldn’t be good enough for the audience just to see him come out the other end and [return] to Princeton Plainsboro. Even though they knew he would [eventually] return there, I wanted everybody to see the moment after.”

“I’m certainly in the camp of not wanting to miss much after the fade to black. Because the truth is the challenges that are ahead for them are the things that kept them apart to begin with. It’s not chemistry or the spark. It’s “How are we going to deal with this? We’re going to be together. What does that look like?” Cuddy is his superior at the hospital. And she’s a mother. Those are the kind of things we’re going to have fun with.”

“We’re in the process of figuring all that out right now… But this isn’t just about the [season premiere]. This isn’t something that will work or fail in just one episode. We’re going to attempt to make a true exploration of this relationship.”

If an executive producer telling you that it’s real isn’t enough to make you believe, I don’t know what will.

That being said, I’m a little worried that when Jacobs said ”it’s dangerous and the consequences could be severe” that she was referring to the professional consequences for their characters and not the danger that comes with having the two star-crossed lovers finally getting together.

While this isn’t he first time it’s happened in television, many shows could point to a hookup such as this as the ultimate downfall in the series. Hopefully House won’t be one them.

What do you think about the future of House and Cuddy? Are you happy to know that it’s real? Should they pick up where they left off or skip ahead a bit? How do you think everyone else is going to react to their relationship? Could this be a bad decision for the series?

Don’t forget to tune into the seventh season of House, this fall, on Fox.

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