The Paynes Is Basically House Of Payne Season 9

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While Tyler Perry's House Of Payne doesn't technically have a season 9, spinoff The Paynes comes pretty close. House Of Payne is a sitcom created by Tyler Perry, with the show debuting on TBS in 2007. The show follows the titular family, with LeVan Davis playing patriarch Curtis Payne and Cassi Davis (A Madea Family Funeral) as matriarch Ella. While the series itself received somewhat mixed reviews throughout its eight season run, it also proved to be insanely popular.

House Of Payne also featured numerous links to Tyler Perry's wider Madea franchise, with Perry's Madea character actually appearing in a few episodes in the early seasons of the show. The series also featured numerous crossovers with another Perry created series Meet The Browns. While the show was primarily a comedy it also looked at some darker topics too, especially in regards to Janine Payne's (Demetria McKinney, Chicago Med) drug addiction.

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House Of Payne ended its run in 2012, having reached an impressive 254 episodes. Fans soon began to miss the show, however, and in 2017 it was confirmed a spinoff was in development called Tyler Perry's The Paynes. The show appears on Oprah Winfrey's (A Wrinkle In Time) OWN network and finds Curtis and Ella heading down to Florida to attend a funeral, but soon find themselves staying there and dealing with a whole new set of family problems, in addition to running a broken down laundromat.

With House Of Payne having come to an end, The Paynes is as close to season 9 as fans can get. The show is still powered by LaVan Davis and Cassi Davis, and they're still dealing with a myriad of family issues. Of course, the show introduces a new cast of characters, while original family members like Lance Gross' (MacGyver) Calvin or Allen Payne's CJ only make guest appearances.

While House Of Payne fans definitely miss the chemistry between the original cast, the formula for The Paynes is still very much intact. If anything, that's been a common complaint with reviews, with the spinoff sticking close to the House Of Payne format without really trying anything fresh. That said if The Paynes just featured the original cast stick in the same situations again and again, that wouldn't have felt very fresh either.

The Paynes has been renewed for a second season, so the show has obviously struck a cord with audiences. While House Of Payne season 9 isn't ever likely to happen, The Paynes are here to fill in the gap.

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