House of Cards Spinoffs In Development At Netflix

Netflix already has spinoffs of House of Cards in the works. It can be hard to remember that just a few short years ago the only place to watch a series was on TV. Now most shows stream to our computers and phones. And many of the same sites that stream those shows - sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon - also create original content that can only be found on their sites. Netflix got this new trend started, back in 2013 with the series House of Cards.

Based on the BBC series of the same name, the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning series tells the story of corrupt politician Francis "Frank" Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his equally conniving wife Claire (Robin Wright). Using every dirty trick in the book - up to and including murder - the series has followed Frank and Claire's journey from Congress to the Oval Office, with a few close allies helping every step of the way. Earlier today, Netflix announced that the upcoming sixth season - already in production - will be the last.

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But fans of the show will not quite have to say goodbye so soon. Variety is now reporting that Netflix and Media Rights Capital have more than one spinoff series in the works. At this time the new shows are in the earliest stages of development and not much is known about them yet.

One possible spinoff would center on Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) who has been Frank Underwood's right hand man throughout the series. Stamper is just as morally questionable as his employer, but remains the man behind the scenes, so a spinoff about him would be an interesting look behind the curtain, rather than center stage where the Underwoods like to be. The other spinoff ideas are unknown at this time.

The news about season 6 being the final season of House of Cards and the possible upcoming spinoffs have come on the heels of actor Anthony Rapp - who currently plays Paul Stamets on Star Trek Discovery - publicly revealing that when he was 14 and Spacey was 26, the older actor sexually assaulted the minor after they met while appearing in different Broadway shows. Spacey's attempt at a public apology combined with a coming out announcement has invited significant backlash against the actor. While the timing of House of Cards' upcoming ending being announced is certainly telling, apparently the plan was always for the series to end after season 6. As for the spinoffs, even at this early stage it is likely they have been in the works for awhile. Yet, much like with the announcement of the show ending, the timing behind this reveal is telling, to say the least.

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House of Cards seasons 1-5 are currently available to stream on Netflix.

Source: Variety

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