House of Cards Season 6: New Cast & Character Recap Guide

House of Cards Season 6 Cast Character Guide

There's a new President in charge in House of Cards season 6, which sees former lead Kevin Spacey excised from the picture and a new cast of characters enter to cause problems for Claire Underwood. The Netflix series faced a difficult situation when Spacey faced multiple accusations of sexual assault, and the decision was made to write Frank Underwood out of the show entirely. When House of Cards season 6 begins, Frank is already dead and buried - but Claire still has to deal with the fallout of his many crimes.

Because of the extra-long stretch of time between seasons, and the complex network of grudges and agendas bubbling under the surface of House of Cards season 6, you may have lost track of which characters we've met before, and which characters are new this season. To that end, here's a handy guide to the new and returning cast.

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Robin Wright as Claire Underwood Replaces Kevin Spacey

Robin Wright in House of Cards Season 6

The transition from a show with Spacey as the lead to a show that doesn't have Spacey in it at all was made easier by the fact that, at the end of House of Cards season 5, Claire had already become President and had turned her back on her husband - defeating him, if only temporarily. That temporary defeat becomes more permanent with the death of Frank Underwood, though from the very start of House of Cards season 6 Claire finds herself haunted by the memories of her husband, and forced to deal with secrets that could bring the house of cards tumbling down.

Returning House of Cards Cast In Season 6

What Makes Michael Kelly's Doug Stamper Tick On House Of Cards

Michael Kelly as Doug Stamper - Frank Underwood's White House Chief of Staff took the fall for Frank's crimes at the end of season 5, and at the start of season 6 is locked up in a psychiatric facility, having taken an insanity plea.

Campbell Scott as Mark Usher - Formerly the campaign manager for Frank's Republican opponent, Will Conway, Mark is now Claire Underwood's Vice President... though that doesn't necessarily mean he's her ally.

Derek Cecil as Seth Grayson - Frank's one-time Director of Communications is now working for the Shepherd family, who are plotting to undermine Claire's presidency.

Jeremy Holm as Nathan Green - The Deputy Director of the FBI, who isn't afraid to get his hands a little dirty (or threaten to step on a guinea pig) in order to achieve his goals.

Jayne Atkinson as Cathy Durant - The Secretary of State, whom Frank Underwood pushed down some stairs in an effort to keep her from testifying against him.

Patricia Clarkson as Jane Davis - The (deep breath) Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade of the United States, who was a useful asset for the Underwoods in season 5.

Constance Zimmer as Janine Skorsky - A journalist and one-time White House Correspondent for The Washington Herald, who now works for online media company Slugline. Janine was last seen in season 4.

Boris McGiver as Tom Hammerschmidt - The former Editor-in-Chief of The Washington Herald, and now a freelance investigative journalist. Tom believes that Frank Underwood killed Zoe Barnes and Peter Russo, but has thus far been unable to prove it.

Sakina Jaffrey as Linda Vasquez - President Garrett Walker's sharp-minded Chief of Staff, who was maneuvered into being forced to resign by Frank Underwood in season 2.

Lars Mikkelsen as Viktor Petrov - The President of Russia. Petrov is a cold and calculating man and a rather transparent analog for real-life Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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New House of Cards Cast in Season 6

Diane Lane in House of Cards Season 6

The major new additions in House of Cards season 6 are Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear as Annette and Bill Shepherd, wealthy and powerful siblings who have known Claire since childhood. While Claire has a veneer of friendship with Annette, the Shepherds are actually the new antagonists of this season - smiling and shaking hands with Claire in public, while at the same time using chilling tactics to try and force her to kiss the ring. Another key figure in the Shepherd family is Annette's son, Duncan Shepherd, played by new addition Cody Fern.

Another cast addition is Athena Karkanis as Melody Cruz, a Conservative talking head who is in league with the Shepherds, and uses her platform to attack the new President Underwood. Chip Zien also joins the cast as Dr. Charles Rosen, Doug Stamper's psychiatrist at the facility where he's being held, and Linda Powell plays Marcy Siegerson, the Deputy Director of the CIA.

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