What's Next For Claire Underwood in House of Cards Season 6?

***Warning: Major Spoilers for House of Cards Season 5***

The balance of presidential power has shifted by the end of the season five finale of House of Cardswith former First Lady and Vice President Claire Underwood assuming the oval office in the wake of Frank Underwood's resignation.

Even as she's achieved her ultimate goal of becoming the first female president, Claire still has plenty of obstacles to overcome, chief among them the potential furor from the husband she refused to pardon for his treacherous crimes. With so much up in the air, it's natural for fans to speculate what will happen in House of Cards season 6.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Robin Wright offered a tease into what the future holds for Claire and the White House. In terms of specific details for next season, Wright doesn't have much to offer, speaking vaguely about the intricacies of the relationship between Claire and Kevin Spacey's Frank:

What can you officially say about a potential season six?

All I can tell you is after season five, things are complicated and interesting for Frank. And things are going to become very interesting for Claire.

That's a fair enough tease, but... 

How ambiguous can I make it?

"My Turn"

Beyond the turmoil going on within the Underwood household, Claire will have her hands full with the newly declared Syrian War and the ongoing tense relationships between the United States and Russian President Petrov. While few actual reveals were to be spilled in such close proximity to the release of the newest season, Wright was able to comment on her own personal feelings on what she hopes for in a Claire Underwood presidency going forward:

"I would personally like it to be the greatest president we've ever had. How she gets there and achieves that is a whole other thing regarding the opera of the show."

Wright's complex performance as Claire has received universal acclaim, earning her four straight Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. The actress' role behind-the-scenes has increased considerably as the seasons have progressed. She was promoted to executive producer starting with season four, and has directed nine episodes for the series since season two. In fact, she directed the final two episodes of season five.

Both of those episodes are very Claire-centric, as the character notably breaks the fourth wall and addresses the audience for the first time. Wright praised the creative team and their attention to detail in planning these crucial moments for the future of the show:

"All of that is a collaboration with the team, the writers [and] Kevin Spacey. Kevin has incredible ideas. These decisions come to a fruition with all of us discussing it. What does it mean for the arc? What does this mean for next season? Where are we going to take it? We always have to jump ahead. It's not an isolated incident. It's very thought out. We've got more story to tell down the line."

The soap operatic storytelling of House of Cards has been leading up to a Claire presidency, and even if fans of the show have had to sit through some tedious episodes to get to this point, the show runners and producers will certainly work hard to ensure that the payoff is satisfying. The show needed a change of the status quo, as Frank's seemingly impossible schemes can wear thin the more and more the show stretches reality. House of Cards is no closer to being realistic with Claire in charge, and it will almost certainly still be ridiculous, but at least it's something slightly different and intriguing with this change.

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House of Cards Seasons 1-5 are available on Netflix now.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter 

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