Netflix's 'House of Cards' Gets Season 4 Renewal

Netflix Renews House of Cards Season 4

Showing that political drama can be as engaging as any other genre, Netflix's House of Cards has proven a critical darling and viewer sensation since the original series debuted in 2013. Starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as Frank and Claire Underwood - one of the most ruthless and ambitious political duos in Washington D.C. - the show's third season left fans hungry for more following its premiere on Netflix in February (read our review).

While the show's third season may have gotten off to a slow start, and the conversation surrounding the Underwoods' latest maneuvering was less pervasive than usual, Netflix's confidence in the series hasn't faltered. Alongside the announcement of a Full House reunion series, Netflix also made its order of a fourth season of House of Cards official.

Variety reports that House of Cards will begin production on its fourth season this summer, likely continuing throughout the second half of 2015 to keep the show on track for its usual February release date in 2016.

I will leave a legacy. #Underwood2016

— House of Cards (@HouseofCards) April 2, 2015

Spacey and Wright will presumably return for season 4 along with their House of Cards costars, recently adding Paul Sparks (Boardwalk Empire), Kim Dickens (Sons of Anarchy) and Lars Mikkelsen (Sherlock) in for the most recent run. The drama has been, and will continue to be executive produced by a team including Spacey, David Fincher, Beau Willimon and the author of the novel on which the series is based, Michael Dobbs.

House of Cards Season 3 Early Review Roundup

Netflix had initially ordered two seasons of House of Cards, both of which delivered memorable and acclaimed drama, culminating in Frank Underwood's rise to the rank of President in the finale of season 2. The show's third season predictably had a difficult time keeping the political intrigue on the rise, suffering from a lack of development for certain characters, and an underwhelming plot progression in favor of brand new subplots.

Criticism aside, the streaming service is giving House of Cards a vote of confidence with its renewal - downright expected by industry sources and viewers alike, barring some shocking development. Given the critical reception - not to mention its two Golden Globe wins by Spacey and Wright - there was little doubt Netflix would keep its most acclaimed original series in production as long as possible.

Are you excited for the fourth season of House of Cards? Or did the recent shift in direction or pacing leave you unsure of the show's future? Let us know in the comments.


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House of Cards season 4 will debut on Netflix sometime in 2016.

Source: Variety

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