House M.D. Loses Jennifer Morrison

News on the street says that Jennifer Morrison, who plays Cameron on Fox's House M.D., has filmed her last scene for the show earlier this week. That scene will air in November.

Details are sketchy but it's said that she didn't quit but that her exit was a creative decision made by the producers.  Dang, that gets me wondering about Cameron and Chase...

Details or odd clues from this scenario are:

  • She was not at the show's premiere screening in Hollywood
  • Cameron will not be killed off
  • Chase is not leaving the show
  • The door is open for guest appearances

It's all odd, considering she didn't quit.  I'm curious if she ticked someone off somewhere in the food chain above her?

I'm not sure I'll miss her, but you best enjoy Cameron's presence while you can, House fans.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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