Jennifer Morrison Returning To ‘House’ For Closure

For fans of the hit Fox show House that were less than happy with the sudden and lackluster departure of Jennifer Morrison and her character Allison Cameron, you now have something to get excited about as Morrison has stated that she’ll be returning to the show - albeit temporarily and for the last time.

Says the actress,

“The audience is going to get the information they were looking for.”

While no specific dates have been announced for Cameron’s triumphant return, Morrison did say that it’ll happen next season during a ”really smart episode.” That doesn’t help much, as I could use the term “really smart” to describe most episodes of House.

When we previously announced Morrison leaving the show, there weren’t many details explaining the reason for her departure. We now know that Morrison did not choose to leave. In fact, if it were her choice, she would never leave the show.

“I love the show, and I love [Cameron.] Under no circumstances would I ever decide on my own to leave.”

"[Exec Producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs] came to me as we were leading up to episode 8, which is the episode where I left  and said, This is where we see the show creatively going, and [we're writing you out]. And they very generously said, We wanted to let you know so you knew you were available for other things, should they be offered. As far as I knew, there was nothing more.”

While I’m sad to see Cameron go, the producers have more or less pushed her character to the side so much in the past couple of years that her departure doesn’t bother me as much as it would have if she'd departed in the first couple of seasons. Still, the way in which her character “left” was poor writing at best.

The whole “Cameron just left” angle is something that’s used when actors suddenly leave a show or are fired and the writers have to scramble to plug the hole in the story. When you’ve got an actress that loves the show, her character, and is willing to give closure to her character, do it… and you can tell that Morrison most certainly loves the show.

“[Working on House has] been the most incredible blessing I could ever imagine,” she says. It’s been the most incredible people to work with and the most incredible character. But I have to respect the producers’ ideas of where the story is going.”

What do you think? Are you happy Cameron is coming back - even if it is just for a short time? What do you think about the way her character left? Would you be content leaving it the way it is?

Speak up now, before I give you Interferon for your inability to comment. (There is one thing I’ve learned from House -- Interferon fixes everything.)

Catch House Mondays @8PM on Fox.

Source: Ausiello Files

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