House of Cards Final Season Poster Reveals November Premiere Date

Netflix has announced an official premiere date for the final season of House of Cards, and released new key art featuring Robin Wright sitting on the throne. House of Cards tottered on the brink of cancellation after star Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual assault last year. But Netflix ultimately elected to bring back the acclaimed series, without Spacey in the lead.

With Spacey’s Frank Underwood now out of the picture, Wright’s equally unscrupulous and power-hungry Claire Underwood becomes the focus of the series. The finale of season 5, of course, saw Frank resigning as president to take on a behind-the-scenes role, and Claire being sworn in as his replacement. How season 6 will deal with Spacey’s removal from the series remains to be seen, but there’s no question now who is in charge.

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New key art from Netflix previews Claire Underwood’s ascension to the “throne” while calling back to the famous season 1 poster of Frank sitting atop the same perch (actually Lincoln’s chair on the Lincoln Memorial). In case anyone had any doubts about Claire’s ability to be just as vicious as Frank, her right hand is a bloody claw just as Frank’s was in the season 1 art. The poster (seen below) also reveals the final season premiere date of November 2.

When House of Cards first debuted in 2013, Netflix was just a humble company mostly known for its red envelopes. But that all changed after the series blew up at the Emmys with four nominations, becoming the first ever web-only series nominated for major Emmy awards. House of Cards has gone on to garner 46 Primetime Emmy nominations and seven wins. In 2014, Wright won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Series Drama for her icy performance as Claire Underwood.

Now Wright takes charge of the series in the wake of Spacey’s ouster. She’s joined in season 6 by Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear as well as Cody Fern, together with Michael Kelly, Jayne Atkinson, Patricia Clarkson, Constance Zimmer, Derek Cecil, Campbell Scott and Boris McGiver. When season 5 ended, Claire found herself not only assuming the presidency but also declaring war on the ISIS-like terrorist organization ICO. No doubt, things will get dicey for Claire as she takes on the burden of leading the nation, and no doubt - being an Underwood - she will concoct some very creative ways of dealing with those challenges and holding on to power.

How will the show's dynamic change without Spacey in the mix? House of Cards will reveal all, including its sure-to-be-shocking end game, when it hits Netflix in November.

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House of Cards season 6 premieres November 2 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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